Troy Davis Lives

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 25, 2008

The Troy Davis saga continues.
The last time I wrote about this matter, I called him Tony Davis. After a review of my sources for that feature, I saw that the only one to call him Tony was some Yankee newspaper. When you are in the public eye, you lose control about what people call you. At the very least, lets not call him by all three names. That seems to be a perp tradition.

Troy Davis has yet another stay of execution. That should make the celebrities happy, at least until they get to the next cause of the day. There is a fear of mob rule in such things, with the specter of the lynch mob in mind. This would seem to be the opposite…where the celebrities,the EU, and the well meaning domestics demanding that the execution be canceled. Is the mob really a good judge of guilt or innocence?

There seems to be a bit of doubt on this case. We all know about the seven witnesses who said they didn’t mean it, and the lack of physical evidence. There is also the rigorous review that capital punishment requires, and the fact that several courts have refused to intervene. Many observers of the case are convinced that Mr. Davis is indeed the culprit. Where is King Solomon when you really need him?

This case is not going to change my mind about capital punishment. My take is that capital punishment is strong medicine, and that our justice system is not smart enough. Yes, people who kill police are worthy of execution, as are many other criminals. There are also people who are better served by a long prison sentence. Is our justice system fair enough, wise enough,and efficient enough to know the difference?

There is one more semantic issue here, to go along with using all three names for perps. What verb do we use for death by lethal injection? DBLI has an antiseptic sound, which does not fit this little bit of state sponsored homicide. The firing squad shoots, the hangman hangs, and the electric chair fries. Those verbs bring home the reality of bureaucrat sponsored offing more vividly than death by lethal injection. I propose POISON. The state of Georgia will have to wait to see if it gets to POISON Troy Davis.

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