Trip to Lower Tennessee

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on October 26, 2008

The trip to lower Tennessee went smoothly. Yes, there was an SUV shining his bright lights and encouraging more speed, but that is expected for Cobb County. PG had driven for a living in this area, and found the house with little problem.

It had been a while, fifteen years, since PG had seen the hostess. He was warmly greeted, and given a plate for the storebought grapes. Food was the focus of this evening, not costumes, athletic drinking, or hooking up. There was even a cake called “Better than Sex”. Getting older can be boring, but you are not going to go hungry.

The hostess had a prosthetic backside, draped by a hospital gown. There was a witch, a young terrorist, and a blogger wearing a ralph lauren tie. The prize for best costume went to the father of the hostess. His costume had been put aside by the time PG arrived.

On the surface it sounds boring, but PG had a good time. You could eat until you found someone to talk to, and soon there were people to listen to. Before long it was time to go, and get lost in the subdivision on the way out.

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