306 Eleven Stars

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on October 27, 2008

The early voting started today at several locations. In my area, the choice was between a fire station and a former mental retardation center. There is a message in that somehow. I chose the former retardation center. First, there was a traffic jam trying to get in. There was no where to park, and a very long line. I did park ( someone left, and left a space), and asked someone how long they had waited. An hour! That is too long to wait, even for someone I am going to hate for eight years. I will come back later.

On the way back, I stopped at the First Baptist Church. The FBC is on the site of an Avon Warehouse, which is another ironic statement. The steeple from the old building is on a brick pedestal in the parking lot, and I saw a photo opportunity.

The first thought is to get up early some morning and make another shot at early voting. From now until then, I will have an open mind, and see this as an opportunity to change. If only JSM would quit talking wingnut trash, and not act like a befuddled old man. Maybe Saxby Chambliss will just go away and leave us alone. Jill Chambers and Chris Hardcore can go get a drink, and talk trash about Vernon Jones.

We can use the Jewish concept about race…If your mother is Jewish, then are you Jewish. By that reasoning, BHO is white. Try not to worry about his Muslim father, and nutcase preacher. Anyone who says I am racist, if I don’t support BHO, should take a good hard look in a mirror. And hope it doesn’t break, or you will get seven years of bad luck. To go along with the eight years we are voting on.

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