Hardcore 81st Action

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 28, 2008

I got up at six am, and wondered whatever possessed me. At the early voting place, the line was over one hundred feet long. The process went fairly smoothly, and I got out at 7:42. On the way home, I had a sense of relief…the political season was over. There was a feeling of disgust when I saw a yard sign, but soon they will be in the landfill. The rotting food will be offended.

Then I saw this. It seems like my representative, Jill Chambers, is accusing Chris Huttman of dragging the deceased mother, of Mrs. Chambers, into the race. At first I was outraged. I lost my mother to cancer, and know how horrible that was. Then I looked at the mailer in question, and read the comment by Chris Huttman.

It seems like Mrs. Chambers attended a fund raiser, and took money from people. Soon afterward, she introduced legislation that would benefit these people. At the time, she cited the experience of her mother as a reason for her interest. Which is exactly what the mailer said….
“she justified it by pointing to her own mother’s illness”. The legislation in question involves something called a certificate of need, and is a bit tough to understand. In her email to Peach Pundit, she said “In 2007, I introduced two pieces of legislation to help Georgia patients have access to the best care they could find – one bill would allow specialty cancer treatment centers to open in Georgia; the other bill would require all hospitals to publically disclose their infection rates.”
This fundraiser that preceded this legislation is the subject of controversy. A man filed an ethics complaint about it, and Mrs. Chambers has fought back. Mrs. Chambers made an uninvited visit to the man’s residence, and made a spectacle of herself. Mrs. Chambers recently sent out a mailer about this complaint. In it, the address and phone number of the complainer are published.

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  1. Dustin Brookshire said, on October 29, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    I didn’t get one! Can you scan it and email it to me?

  2. […] for accepting campaign donations in excess of the legal limit from medical industry lobbyists. He writes that “Mrs. Chambers recently sent out a mailer about this complaint. In it, the address and phone […]

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