Ponce de Leon Crackers

Posted in Uncategorized, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on October 29, 2008

—why you callin me cheapskate? —cause you won’t take me to dinner —Krystal is NOT cheap —mmmm, krystals… haven’t had my second helping of my twice-year Krystal venture —does anyone remember the krystal on peachtree at seventh? —i do, ate there all the time … it was filthy but not as filthy as the one on ponce —filthy, the facility or the patrons? —yes, I remember it well —the idea of a starbucks in that building is amazing —midtown hasn’t been the same since the krystals closed —I drove my car to work yesterday, which is rare for me to do. Anyway, drove home via filthy Ponce de Leon, it was a drive down memory lane —At least Krispy Kreme reigns eternally on Ponce —would leave Bulldogs about 2am and stop in for Krystals on the way home —yes, good ole ponce will always be filthy —Yes, the ol’ No. 2 bus on Ponce. A wide range of clientele ride that route —you mean KK with the rat traps that line the parking lot? —what you talkin bout,rats won’t eat that stuff! hehe —would make em fat and then they get sent to a farm/lab —there are some fat rats along Ponce, there’s so much food thrown out there. —a few months ago i cut thru the KK lot when i was parking for eagle, there were BIG ole rat traps all along the edge of the parking lot —true, but fortunately there’s a lot of traffic to get em sometimes, LOL —dang, maybe rats are in the recipe —the law requires the rat traps at the perimeter of eating places —would you rather the rats go inside the building? —-are you serving us grilled rat today? —how much extra to eat at a rat-free place? —many other businesses use the perimeter traps as well, like storage facilities, warehouses —I mean think about it, the rats are everywhere, if they’re not trapped outside, they will go inside… would you prefer that? —I see the traps outside and think that at least the business is trying to PREVENT something bad

—who won?—phillies—damn— w c fields is having a drink in his grave to celebrate—it’s only the 2nd time in 100 years the Phillies have won a series………lame—i was pulling for the rays—as atlanta residents, with one title in 40 plus years, we have little to say—included in that was fourteen consequetive division titles, and only one world series to show for it—right…….hard to tell who is really “loserville” us or them—at least we are not next to new jersey—although half the state has moved here—true……..—i know some people who like philadelphia—they can have it

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