Nomonano Day

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Today is the last day of nanowrimo and nablopomo. It is hereby known as nomonano day.
PG finished his novel, the confessions of gnarlene widget. His final word count was 58,141. With this post, he will have posted all thirty days in November. He will “win” nablopomo. PG finished his novel at the same time he read the last chapter of “Trout Fishing in America” The last word of TFIA is mayonnaise. PG now knows how to spell this word. It has two ns and only one s. Football season is roaring along. As this is written, channel forty six has the colts and the browns. Channel five has “COPS”, and tacky commercials. The pictures illustrating this nomonano day post were taken at a house on Hosea Williams Boulevard. The owner of the house does not read blogs. The truck commercial showed a pickup towing a freight container over the side of a cliff. With advertising like that, it is no wonder that the truck maker is about to go bankrupt.



Junk Food Tunnel

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PG suspects that the nanwrimo word count is not going much further. The month has two more days. He fully intends to get something up on the blog for two more days, and maybe, just maybe, take monday off. Sooner or later, he is going to miss a day.

There were signs advertising a neighborhood yard sale today. Then it rained, more like a drizzle really, but still wet stuff was coming out of the sky. PG went for a walk, and found no merchandise in any front yards.

On the tv set, tech is playing georgia in athens. The stadium is athens is called “between the hedges”. There are big, well maintained, hedges on both sides of the field. The hedges are a plant known as privet. Privet is a force of nature, like fire. Used and controlled, it can do nice things. However, it needs constant attention. When it is no longer useful, it does not go away easily. Privet is a bargain with the devil.

In addition to nanowrimo, this is also the month of nablopomo. PG has indeed posted something every day this month. Sometimes it was worthwhile, sometimes it was a space filler.

Today PG is going to change the routine a bit. Before, he wrote the text first, then picked out the pictures. Throughout the month, PG has gone down the list of folders with pictures, and tried to get as much variety as possible . Today, the pictures are graffiti from the train tunnel behind the waffle house.

There is a train tunnel that goes under Peachtree Industrial. It is between the waffle house and the wal mart. Thousands of cars drive over it every day that don’t know it is there. There used to be a big Frito Lay plant on Peachtree Industrial, where the Lowe’s is now. The trains that brought supplies to this plant went through this tunnel.

The graffiti performers have found the tunnel in recent years. Neither Lowe’s nor Walmart will admit to selling the spraypaint.



Christmas Holidays

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The day after thanksgiving is the official start of the christmas season. The last few years, PG has been weary of the turf fighting of the Jesus worshipers The jws like to think that they are the only ones entitled to a holiday celebration. It gets nasty.
The truth is, as long as PG remembers, Christmas has been a secular holiday with a religious element. The parties and gift giving are a great way to wind up the year. The so called birth of Jesus really has very little to do with it.

In the early days of christianism, the pagan romans had a major celebration around the winter solstice. This is the longest night, and the end of the annual cycle of birth, death, and revival. The early Jesus worshipers decided to have a comparable celebration. It is uncertain when Jesus was technically born, and many scholars today believe that it was sometime in the spring.

For a long time, PG was able to ignore the religious hoopla, and focus on the joy of the season. In recent years, the Jesus Worshipers have made more of an issue out of the “War on Christmas”. Bill O’Reilly, with his instinct for a divisive issue, has been a ringleader. Where once the secular and religious people could celebrate a happy season together…and, truth be told, many still do… there is a now a conflict. The Jesus worshipers make an exclusive claim to the festivities, and those who don’t agree with them are out of luck. It has become a fighting issue whether to say happy holidays or merry christmas.

PG would like to get back to peace on earth, and good will towards men.




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I was in a hostel, in Brunswick GA. Before dinner, everyone had to say something they were thankful for. I was ready to eat. When it was my turn, I said
“I would like to thank all of you at this meeting who keep their comments down to a short sentence.”
Muskrat has suggested that people say five things they are grateful for.
That sounds fair enough.

I am grateful for good health, at least below the neck. I have had a few close calls over the years,but somehow made it to 54.

I am grateful for the ability to think. Some things I believe, some I don’t. I try not to be a sheep.

I am grateful that America is going to have a change in leadership at the top. I am not optimistic that much will change, at least not right away. Nonetheless, the fact that we can have this change through a peaceful election instead of a bloody revolution says good things about America.

I am grateful for the advances in technology that allow me to share this gratitude with the world. I am also glad that the world has the freedom to ignore this if they choose.

I am grateful for the fine lady in Acworth Georgia who invited me to a thanksgiving day dinner at her home. I enjoyed the company of good people, and ate too much. This is a good way to spend thanksgiving.

I am grateful for the six basic colors. This allows me to make this post in a rainbow.



Almost Marathon

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Being slack sometimes comes at a cost.

PG just did not want to get going thanksgiving morning. Finally, he roused himself, got breakfast, and put his coat on. The marathon was being run on Peachtree Road. This is about two hundred yards as the mosquito buzzes, but PG walks, and Marta is in the way. The underpass at Redding Road is about a third of a mile.

At first, PG thought he had missed it. Then, he saw the flashing blue lights, and some sweat suits moving slowly towards buckhead. PG got across the street in time to see a few runners, and the phalanx of police cars, trucks, and ambulance that marks the end of the marathon. A few runners continued on the sidewalk behind the end of the parade.



Are Conservatives Patriotic?

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JoeMyG-d posted a story yesterday where he poo pooed the controversy about BHO’s birth certificate. A site called Free Republic critiqued his story. When they did so, they listed keywords in the story. The keywords they listed were:
antichristian; bigot; birthcertificate; celebratesin; certifigate; conspiracytheory; crackpot; dnctalkingpoints; gaystapotactics; hedonist; homosexualagenda; ifitfeelsgooddohim; larrysinclairslover; lavendermafia; liberalbigot; missingbirthcert; moonbat; obama; religiousintolerance; sodomite; woowoo.
Thats quite a collection. When PG went to FreeRepublic to see for himself, the site was down. There is something called a 502 proxy error in the works now. Or maybe the thesaurus at Free Republic went into hyperdrive, and took down everything in site.

Free Republic is back up now. Maybe this was a coincidence. This post had 64 comments when PG looked through. Many of them are wigged out about the word “christianist”. Very few of these people call a student of Buddha a Buddhian.

On a lighter note, it seems like the right wing is not giving up the fight. They seem determined to make as much trouble for BHO as they can. This is consistent with the reception the Clintons got in 1993.

BHO is going to have his hands full when he comes into office. The patriotic thing to do would be to support him, and try to help solve some of the problems he is going to be facing. The right wing seems determined to look for anything they can to fuss about. PG questions the patriotism of people who would undermine the president like that.



Perfect Country Western Song

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PG walked down New Peachtree Road. This is Atlanta, where there are a couple of hundred roads named Peachtree. No one seems to mind that most of the peach farms are south of Macon. The peaches grow a lot better there. They fuzz comes in heavier, and the pits are pittier. One time Dagwood Bumstead asked why peaches have fuzz. His wife Blondie said, if they has arms they could shave. PG was walking down the road in the rain, with a freight train going down the tracks in a southern direction. This is forty percent of the ingredients for the perfect country and western song.

When PG was younger and drunker, there was a place on Clairmont Road called the watering hole. He would go there, drink beer, play pool, and have a good old time. As was the custom in such facilities, there was a jukebox. The patrons put money in the box and played the songs that they wanted to hear. A favorite was “you never even called me by my name” There is a little spoken part, where David Allan Coe talks about the perfect country and western song. This song must talk about rain, Momma, trains, trucks, prison, and gettin’ drunk.

New Peachtree Road has this gravel yard where the eighteen wheelers come and go. There was a big rig backing into place when PG walked by, and he may have heard the truck bump into a trailer. PG walked in the rain, between the train, and a big rig going bump against the trailer. The problem was, Momma’s gone, PG doesn’t get drunk, and prison is too much work. So much for the perfect country western song.

The songwriter is Steve Goodman. He gave a show at the Last Resort in Athens GA, that a friend of PG attended. Mr. Goodman tells a story about performing on a train, during a series of concerts supporting Hubert Humphrey. It seems like Mr. Goodman had to use the restroom on the train. Now, in those days, the trains did not use holding tanks, but just ejected the matter by the tracks as they rode by. Mr. Goodman was told, do not flush the commode while the train is in the station. Mr. Goodman forgot the instructions. Mr. Humphrey said ” I am going to give the people of this country what they deserve”, Mr. Goodman flushed the commode, and sprayed the crowd. PG is not sure if he believes this, but it is a good story.



Pre Mortem Cremation

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This being sunday, PG and Uzi went walking. Today the scene was the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve, near Decatur. The land is not a virgin forest. It looks like it was cultivated land until a few years ago. The most aggressive weeds took command at this time. Do not come here if privet makes you nervous.

PG and Uzi came to the end of a trail, and saw that the car was a hundred yards down a road. They went back into the forest, hoping to find a path running parallel to the road. Instead, they went back around a swamp, which was dried by the drought. There were a couple of observation overlooks, including a lifeguard chair. Finally, they made it back to the vehicle.

It was a bit after 4 at this point, which is too early for dinner, but not enough time to go home and then meet for dinner. PG took a variety of back roads, and came out by the S&S cafeteria. After dinner, the cashier was talking to a man about cremation. The lady started to talk to PG about cremation. ” I talked to Charles Stanley about it, I asked him if there was anything in the bible about it, it just doesn’t seem right”. PG thinks that cremation would be a good idea for Charles Stanley.



W is for Whiskey

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There is an official word for every letter in the alphabet. It is part of the NATO phonetic alphabet.

The words are:Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu

The current President is often called by his middle initial, W. He is known to have had a drinking problem, and is rumored to be hitting the bottle these days. How ironic that W means whiskey.

In Vietnam, the vietcong were called victor charlie. This was shortened to charlie. Thus an enemy was given the same first name as Charlie Brown.

Foxtrot and November giveĀ  new meaning to the f word and the n word.

There are also code names for numbers. These are: 0 Nadazero 1 Unaone 2 Bissotwo 3 Terrathree 4 Kartefour 5 Pantafive 6 Soxisix 7 Setteseven 8 Oktoeight 9 Novenine

HT to Puntabulous.



November 22,1963

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When PG typed in the title of this segment, he was reminded what day this was. This was the day John Kennedy went to the oval office in the sky. The legend is that Marilyn Monroe greeted him. It was forty five years ago.

The bullets hit Mr.Kennedy at 12:30. He arrived at the hospital at 12:37. He had a faint heartbeat on arrival, but quickly succumbed to his wound.

In Georgia, PG was nine years old. He was in Miss Mckenzie’s fourth grade class. There was going to be an assembly soon, and the class was going to perform. There was a rehearsal in the cafetorium, and some of the kids were acting up. They went back to the class, and PG thought they were going to be chewed out about the misbehavior in the cafetorium. Instead, Miss Mckenzie came into the room, and told the kids that President Kennedy had been shot during a parade in Dallas Texas. She did not say anything about his condition. One kid cheered the news.

School let out at the regular time, and PG walked home. His mother and brother were crying. He was told that the president had died. The cub scouts were going to meet that afternoon, but the meeting was canceled.

Later that night, a plane arrived in Washington. The tv cameras showed a gruesome looking man walk up to a microphone. He was introduced as President Lyndon Johnson. This may have been the worst moment of that day.

spell check suggestions for this feature:
cafetorium…crematorium, sanatorium, auditorium, moratorium, cafeteria



1120-02 edited

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PG got an email from a former co worker. He is now known as KnowNothing. PG sent the following reply:

hey are you still in town?…as you may know, the company decided they did not have a job for me. I am enjoying the time, and trying to find something else to do. The department of labor had a listing for a wig maker, but it was filled by the time I saw it…I am doing nanowrimo…the national novel writing month. I am 37000 words into the confessions of gnarlene widget, it is an unreadable mess…. .

KnowNothing:Ya, I’m still around, they didn’t need me either. I too am enjoying the time off. I will put in a good word for you with zzz if you like. I start there on the 1st…would love to see the draft
Notice of censorship….PG may be applying for a job with one of these companies. KnowNothing already has. It is best not to rock the boat on a disco cruise.

PG:I sent * Miss Jones* an email, and never heard back…I may have to check that xxx thing. If i could go on marta that would be excellent…as for the novel….I am putting excerpts up on the blog. My role model is “trout fishing in america” which was likewise plot challenged… the novel is like a blog post on steroids. I put anything and everything in it. editing is for december… Or i may get a real job
KnowNothing:Once I get my feet wet, I’ll let you know about zzz… What was the Trout Fishing Guys name? I forget…Are you on Facebook?
PG :i have a facebook page i think, but i have never put much effort into it…the trout fishing man is richard brautigan. he was sort of a sad case, great writer who had a problem with real life. he was an alcoholic with mental problems who owned a gun. in 1984 these three things added up and he became a casualty… on a related subject, on my old blogspot blog, my slogan was “when the going gets wierd the weird turn pro” which of course is courtesy of dr thompson. I got a comment one day, from someone with the same name as someone who grew up down the street from me. The comment said i had misspelled weird. what do you expect when you quote hunter s thompson about weird?…i took a walk yesterday, and wound up walking past a long long freight train until i came out in brookhaven by the marta station. It occurred to me that I was really having a very good time, and it was going to be a shame to get a job and spoil it all.
PG hadn’t seen the man who corrected him on the spelling of weird in over thirty five years. He was a year ahead of PG in school, and told PG a lot of horror stories about eighth grade at Cross Keys. It seems the eighth grade boys gym teacher was a psycho. He was still there when PG got to the eighth grade. But PG lived, and got to go to ninth grade as his reward.
KnowNothing:Brautigan, thats it, ya I head read that…Funny you should mention HST, I am about to watch his documentary now…Also, I am re-reading my old Vonnegut books. Have one called Wampeters, Fama, and Granfallons which is a collections of essays he did. One was a review of HST’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail written (as the review) in 1972. Vonnegut talked on end about how he worried about HST’s mental health and how he would eventually die from his lust for an ideal american politico scene. Vonnegut turned out absolutely right. Only 34 years later. I wish the good doctor could have hung around one more term…Check it out, eerily true
PG:would you have a problem with me using these emails in my novel?..I would eliminate references to zzz and xxx.that seems like common sense…i also use fake names for everyone. I am still thinking of a handle for you. If you have any suggestions that would be cool… as for wampeters etc, i bought a boxed set of vonnegut stuff at a flea market once. wampeters was in it, but i can’t find my copy. the one thing i remember from it was the statement that an author can make a lot more money by giving a speech than he can by writing a book
KnowNothing:sure, no problem, you can have my Wampeters if you want. Just be sure to read “Cat’s Cradle”, the novel, very short. Vonnegut made more money doing commencements then anything. dang, commencements is a long word…my handle could be “know nothing” and i think that a compliment

PG:I may have read cat’s cradle. I think i have read all his non sci fi novels. when i read his books i get into a state where i start to think like he writes, which may or may not be a good thing..on the business of re reading books, i re read steppenwolf a few months ago. There was one passage that i was dumbfounded by the first time, and just rolled through it like it wasn’t there the second time. sometimes your reaction to a book says more about you than the book

Steppenwolf made quite the impact on the younger PG . When he re read it earlier this year, it was a fun read, but scarcely life changing. The stories about steppenwolf impressed PG as much as the text itself. When he bought his copy, there was a birth certificate and a dear john letter inside the book. There is also the story of the cheerleader. When PG was at Cross Keys, there was a very pretty girl who was three years ahead of him. She was a cheerleader. One day about a year after she graduated, This lady went to the regency hyatt house downtown. She went up to the 22nd floor, and walked over to a balcony. The Regency was the first hotel to have the indoor atrium, and it caused quite a sensation. The cheerleader jumped off the balcony and landed in the lobby 22 floors below. She left behind a copy of Steppenwolf.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
zzz- izzy,ozzy, fuzz, razz, fizz, zee, CSS, WWW
xxx– xx, xix, zee, CSS, WWW
marta—mart, manta, maria, marts,
wampeters- saltpeter, trumpeter
fama–lama, mama, rama, fame, Obama
granfallons– rainfalls, gallons, gyrfalcons, grandsons, fallowness
steppenwolf–doorstepped, overstepped, sidestepped, misstepped, stepparent
brautigan–beautician, litigant, brigand,
blogspot…blackspot, bloodsport, bloodshot, biologist, nightspot
dr— rd dry



Did Prop 8 Really Lose?

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There is speculation that prop 8 was actually defeated by the voters. The only problem is, it is not what the voters think that counts, it is what the electronic voting machines say.

It seems like the companies behind these electronic voting machines are conservative Jesus worshipers. And they are not shy about cheating to get the results they want.

Some exit polls showed a majority of people voting no on prop 8. When these votes are tabulated by computers, it seems to change to a yes vote. There are other irregularities reported in this highly contentious vote.

There were numerous reports of irregularities in 2000, 2002, and 2004. The electronic touch screen voting machines used in many states have been shown to be vulnerable to monkey business.

The prop 8 result is likely to stand, although challenges are probable. What is puzzling to many is the outcome of the Presidential election. If the crooked voting machines are controlled by corrupt republicans,why was BHO allowed to win?

The answer may lie in the urban riots of the sixties. The rage of African America is well known, and to a large degree justified. In the sixties, it bubbled out of control in many cities. After the verdict in the trial of police accused of beating Rodney King, there was urban unrest in many cities. PG was in downtown Atlanta when the fury hit there, and remembers the soul searching that took place…and was quickly forgotten.

There was talk of mass rioting in the cities if BHO was cheated out of the election. Could this have influenced the powers that be to let the vote stand?

There have been riots in boxing arenas after an unpopular decision by the judges. Does the prospect of 20,000 crazies behind you tearing the house down influence a boxing judge?

If there had been a threat of rioting in 2004, would John Kerry have won? Of course, it is tough to imagine anyone caring enough about Mr. Kerry to toss a molotov cocktail.
BHO seems certain to take office on January 20. HT to jockohomo