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The night before, the Atlanta Bloggers had met at the Bone Yard Cantina. It was a bright space, in a new building. The area is called Midtown West. Those realtors have a way with words.

There were six present when PG arrived. He ordered coffee, which was good quality, plentiful, and had a tab of a dollar seventy five. Two of the others had food. The table kept the server busy with beer. Discussions included twitter, the greatest cd of all time, and something unintelligible (but funny) at the other end of the table.

It was team trivia night. After intense competition with Mrs. Paul’s home for battered fish, the Atlanta Bloggers had the most points. One of the bloggers…a work neighbor of the BYC… took possession of two certificates. The papers, complete with crimp stamp, were good for a twenty dollar bar tab.

There is a blogger named Scent. He writes a space called Centurion. PG is banned from commenting at this place, which might be a good thing. This does not stop PG from following the discourse , and sending appropriate emails. Today, the subject is abortion. It should be noted that Scent is a Jesus Worshiper, and does not like abortion.
Abortion was a big deal in the last election. BHO got tagged a baby killer, despite his loving relationship with his own daughters. Those girls will be teenagers while daddy is in the white house. At any rate, BHO did not condemn abortion in terms strong enough for the wingnuts, and this became a loud issue.

This also may have helped BHO get elected. While abortion is an emotional focus to the right wing, it is a source of …negativity…to the center and the left. Very few people are really happy about the fact that millions of babies are murdered. It is just that many see the shades of gray. Once you get past the shrill speeches, there is a lot of discordant emotions in play. While the right wing likes spout the rhetoric, the rest are just a touch uncomfortable. After all, this is human life.

Another thing that complicates the matter is denial and compensation. No one really knows what women have been to a clinic, and even fewer know the men that sent them. PG suspects that a lot of the more shrill “pro life” people have in fact been party to an abortion. This is one reason why these converts are so obnoxious.

Scent is having a discussion about abortion. In the comments, Scent says
”There is no question that all sorts and types of murder are illegal in our country — but two kinds of life-taking are not: capital punishment, and self-defense.”
PG see this, and sends an email with this commentary
“I am following your discussion about abortion from a distance.
“There is no question that all sorts and types of murder are illegal in our country — but two kinds of life-taking are not: capital punishment, and self-defense.”

You forget a third form of life taking…war. As we speak, we are killing men, women, and children abroad. Maybe the war is justified…it might even be classified as self defense. But the fact remains we are killing G-d’s children in a foreign country, and losing our own people in the process.
How can we claim to be “pro life” when we support the killing of human beings in a foreign country?
I don’t have any answers to the issue of abortion. Believe it or not, I like it about as much as you do. However, I don’t think the politicization of abortion reduces the number of procedures.
And maybe, just maybe, if we have more respect for human life in a country eight time zones away, maybe we will have more respect for human life here.”

The candidate, who was hailed as pro life, once dropped napalm on women and children. Forty one years ago, America was involved in another war. It would soon get tired of this war…many never wanted it…and spend the next few years looking for “peace with honor”. At the time, abortion was illegal. Within a few weeks of the Paris accords, which ended one phase of the Vietnam War, the Supreme Court issued Roe vs. Wade. Abortion was now legal. The debate over Vietnam was never tainted by those who claimed to be pro life, and yet wanted to drop napalm on Asian women and children.



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