Uncoding Lenny

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Yesterday, after exploring east atlanta, PG and Uzi went to dinner. They alternate between Piccadilly and S&S , and this was a Piccadilly week. PG always thinks of the antique store called Pick a Dilly. That might explain some of the clientele.

Lenny was a friend of Uzi, who had checked out of the hotel a few years ago. Lenny was inclined towards a philosophical viewpoint. He tried to write these nuggets down. The only trouble was…well, one of the troubles was…that Lenny never did understand the concept of the tab key. He would type the quote, the source, and any other information into one cell of a database. PG had time on his hands, and offered to try and straighten out the mess.

Now, one problem is a program suite, that microsoft foisted on the population, called works. The database that Lenny used was in works. The only operating system to employ works was Millennium Edition. M.E. was the edsell of the microsoft showroom. When you tried to take something in works, and move it to another microsoft system, you were liable to get a screen full of jibberish. (According to spell check, this is properly spelled gibberish)

So, the email arrived. PG tried to open the file using an open office database, and the thing closed immediately. PG thought he heard the computer laughing at him. Next was a bootleg copy of microsoft windows 97 office suite. Funny how suite is pronounced like sweet, but is anything but. The database was not amused, and word showed a screen full of gibberish.

Next, PG tried notepad. This did show some text in between the acres of code. PG copied this into a trusty wordpad file, and started to edit. After a while, there were a few quotes in legible form.
PG then sent this email to Uzi:

excellent i haven’t had a family turkey day since i had parents
as for the files, they are not opening smoothly. i might could work around some of the issues, but it might be easier if i had a copy of works
when i had my first computer, i used works, and then tried to take the files to my job to use the word based computers there. word computers do not like works ( even if it is at work, as in job. this can get confusing)
If you could find a copy of the works database file and send it to me, that might make this project easier
I opened one file with notepad, and was able to cull these from the mass of jibberish

The best things and best people rise out of their separateness ; I’m against a homogenized society because I want the cream to rise . Robert Frost

How many a dispute could have been deflated into a single paragraph if the disputants had dared to define their terms . Aristotle

The government of the United States is not in any sense founded upon thty . Clarence Darrow

Is this the sort of thing i can expect to find? a quote, and then a source for the quote?



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