Did Prop 8 Really Lose?

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on November 20, 2008



There is speculation that prop 8 was actually defeated by the voters. The only problem is, it is not what the voters think that counts, it is what the electronic voting machines say.

It seems like the companies behind these electronic voting machines are conservative Jesus worshipers. And they are not shy about cheating to get the results they want.

Some exit polls showed a majority of people voting no on prop 8. When these votes are tabulated by computers, it seems to change to a yes vote. There are other irregularities reported in this highly contentious vote.

There were numerous reports of irregularities in 2000, 2002, and 2004. The electronic touch screen voting machines used in many states have been shown to be vulnerable to monkey business.

The prop 8 result is likely to stand, although challenges are probable. What is puzzling to many is the outcome of the Presidential election. If the crooked voting machines are controlled by corrupt republicans,why was BHO allowed to win?

The answer may lie in the urban riots of the sixties. The rage of African America is well known, and to a large degree justified. In the sixties, it bubbled out of control in many cities. After the verdict in the trial of police accused of beating Rodney King, there was urban unrest in many cities. PG was in downtown Atlanta when the fury hit there, and remembers the soul searching that took place…and was quickly forgotten.

There was talk of mass rioting in the cities if BHO was cheated out of the election. Could this have influenced the powers that be to let the vote stand?

There have been riots in boxing arenas after an unpopular decision by the judges. Does the prospect of 20,000 crazies behind you tearing the house down influence a boxing judge?

If there had been a threat of rioting in 2004, would John Kerry have won? Of course, it is tough to imagine anyone caring enough about Mr. Kerry to toss a molotov cocktail.
BHO seems certain to take office on January 20. HT to jockohomo



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