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PG got an email from a former co worker. He is now known as KnowNothing. PG sent the following reply:

hey are you still in town?…as you may know, the company decided they did not have a job for me. I am enjoying the time, and trying to find something else to do. The department of labor had a listing for a wig maker, but it was filled by the time I saw it…I am doing nanowrimo…the national novel writing month. I am 37000 words into the confessions of gnarlene widget, it is an unreadable mess…. .

KnowNothing:Ya, I’m still around, they didn’t need me either. I too am enjoying the time off. I will put in a good word for you with zzz if you like. I start there on the 1st…would love to see the draft
Notice of censorship….PG may be applying for a job with one of these companies. KnowNothing already has. It is best not to rock the boat on a disco cruise.

PG:I sent * Miss Jones* an email, and never heard back…I may have to check that xxx thing. If i could go on marta that would be excellent…as for the novel….I am putting excerpts up on the blog. My role model is “trout fishing in america” which was likewise plot challenged… the novel is like a blog post on steroids. I put anything and everything in it. editing is for december… Or i may get a real job
KnowNothing:Once I get my feet wet, I’ll let you know about zzz… What was the Trout Fishing Guys name? I forget…Are you on Facebook?
PG :i have a facebook page i think, but i have never put much effort into it…the trout fishing man is richard brautigan. he was sort of a sad case, great writer who had a problem with real life. he was an alcoholic with mental problems who owned a gun. in 1984 these three things added up and he became a casualty… on a related subject, on my old blogspot blog, my slogan was “when the going gets wierd the weird turn pro” which of course is courtesy of dr thompson. I got a comment one day, from someone with the same name as someone who grew up down the street from me. The comment said i had misspelled weird. what do you expect when you quote hunter s thompson about weird?…i took a walk yesterday, and wound up walking past a long long freight train until i came out in brookhaven by the marta station. It occurred to me that I was really having a very good time, and it was going to be a shame to get a job and spoil it all.
PG hadn’t seen the man who corrected him on the spelling of weird in over thirty five years. He was a year ahead of PG in school, and told PG a lot of horror stories about eighth grade at Cross Keys. It seems the eighth grade boys gym teacher was a psycho. He was still there when PG got to the eighth grade. But PG lived, and got to go to ninth grade as his reward.
KnowNothing:Brautigan, thats it, ya I head read that…Funny you should mention HST, I am about to watch his documentary now…Also, I am re-reading my old Vonnegut books. Have one called Wampeters, Fama, and Granfallons which is a collections of essays he did. One was a review of HST’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail written (as the review) in 1972. Vonnegut talked on end about how he worried about HST’s mental health and how he would eventually die from his lust for an ideal american politico scene. Vonnegut turned out absolutely right. Only 34 years later. I wish the good doctor could have hung around one more term…Check it out, eerily true
PG:would you have a problem with me using these emails in my novel?..I would eliminate references to zzz and xxx.that seems like common sense…i also use fake names for everyone. I am still thinking of a handle for you. If you have any suggestions that would be cool… as for wampeters etc, i bought a boxed set of vonnegut stuff at a flea market once. wampeters was in it, but i can’t find my copy. the one thing i remember from it was the statement that an author can make a lot more money by giving a speech than he can by writing a book
KnowNothing:sure, no problem, you can have my Wampeters if you want. Just be sure to read “Cat’s Cradle”, the novel, very short. Vonnegut made more money doing commencements then anything. dang, commencements is a long word…my handle could be “know nothing” and i think that a compliment

PG:I may have read cat’s cradle. I think i have read all his non sci fi novels. when i read his books i get into a state where i start to think like he writes, which may or may not be a good thing..on the business of re reading books, i re read steppenwolf a few months ago. There was one passage that i was dumbfounded by the first time, and just rolled through it like it wasn’t there the second time. sometimes your reaction to a book says more about you than the book

Steppenwolf made quite the impact on the younger PG . When he re read it earlier this year, it was a fun read, but scarcely life changing. The stories about steppenwolf impressed PG as much as the text itself. When he bought his copy, there was a birth certificate and a dear john letter inside the book. There is also the story of the cheerleader. When PG was at Cross Keys, there was a very pretty girl who was three years ahead of him. She was a cheerleader. One day about a year after she graduated, This lady went to the regency hyatt house downtown. She went up to the 22nd floor, and walked over to a balcony. The Regency was the first hotel to have the indoor atrium, and it caused quite a sensation. The cheerleader jumped off the balcony and landed in the lobby 22 floors below. She left behind a copy of Steppenwolf.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
zzz- izzy,ozzy, fuzz, razz, fizz, zee, CSS, WWW
xxx– xx, xix, zee, CSS, WWW
marta—mart, manta, maria, marts,
wampeters- saltpeter, trumpeter
fama–lama, mama, rama, fame, Obama
granfallons– rainfalls, gallons, gyrfalcons, grandsons, fallowness
steppenwolf–doorstepped, overstepped, sidestepped, misstepped, stepparent
brautigan–beautician, litigant, brigand,
blogspot…blackspot, bloodsport, bloodshot, biologist, nightspot
dr— rd dry



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