Pre Mortem Cremation

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on November 24, 2008



This being sunday, PG and Uzi went walking. Today the scene was the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve, near Decatur. The land is not a virgin forest. It looks like it was cultivated land until a few years ago. The most aggressive weeds took command at this time. Do not come here if privet makes you nervous.

PG and Uzi came to the end of a trail, and saw that the car was a hundred yards down a road. They went back into the forest, hoping to find a path running parallel to the road. Instead, they went back around a swamp, which was dried by the drought. There were a couple of observation overlooks, including a lifeguard chair. Finally, they made it back to the vehicle.

It was a bit after 4 at this point, which is too early for dinner, but not enough time to go home and then meet for dinner. PG took a variety of back roads, and came out by the S&S cafeteria. After dinner, the cashier was talking to a man about cremation. The lady started to talk to PG about cremation. ” I talked to Charles Stanley about it, I asked him if there was anything in the bible about it, it just doesn’t seem right”. PG thinks that cremation would be a good idea for Charles Stanley.



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