Are Conservatives Patriotic?

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 26, 2008



JoeMyG-d posted a story yesterday where he poo pooed the controversy about BHO’s birth certificate. A site called Free Republic critiqued his story. When they did so, they listed keywords in the story. The keywords they listed were:
antichristian; bigot; birthcertificate; celebratesin; certifigate; conspiracytheory; crackpot; dnctalkingpoints; gaystapotactics; hedonist; homosexualagenda; ifitfeelsgooddohim; larrysinclairslover; lavendermafia; liberalbigot; missingbirthcert; moonbat; obama; religiousintolerance; sodomite; woowoo.
Thats quite a collection. When PG went to FreeRepublic to see for himself, the site was down. There is something called a 502 proxy error in the works now. Or maybe the thesaurus at Free Republic went into hyperdrive, and took down everything in site.

Free Republic is back up now. Maybe this was a coincidence. This post had 64 comments when PG looked through. Many of them are wigged out about the word “christianist”. Very few of these people call a student of Buddha a Buddhian.

On a lighter note, it seems like the right wing is not giving up the fight. They seem determined to make as much trouble for BHO as they can. This is consistent with the reception the Clintons got in 1993.

BHO is going to have his hands full when he comes into office. The patriotic thing to do would be to support him, and try to help solve some of the problems he is going to be facing. The right wing seems determined to look for anything they can to fuss about. PG questions the patriotism of people who would undermine the president like that.



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