Almost Marathon

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 27, 2008



Being slack sometimes comes at a cost.

PG just did not want to get going thanksgiving morning. Finally, he roused himself, got breakfast, and put his coat on. The marathon was being run on Peachtree Road. This is about two hundred yards as the mosquito buzzes, but PG walks, and Marta is in the way. The underpass at Redding Road is about a third of a mile.

At first, PG thought he had missed it. Then, he saw the flashing blue lights, and some sweat suits moving slowly towards buckhead. PG got across the street in time to see a few runners, and the phalanx of police cars, trucks, and ambulance that marks the end of the marathon. A few runners continued on the sidewalk behind the end of the parade.



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