Junk Food Tunnel

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on November 29, 2008



PG suspects that the nanwrimo word count is not going much further. The month has two more days. He fully intends to get something up on the blog for two more days, and maybe, just maybe, take monday off. Sooner or later, he is going to miss a day.

There were signs advertising a neighborhood yard sale today. Then it rained, more like a drizzle really, but still wet stuff was coming out of the sky. PG went for a walk, and found no merchandise in any front yards.

On the tv set, tech is playing georgia in athens. The stadium is athens is called “between the hedges”. There are big, well maintained, hedges on both sides of the field. The hedges are a plant known as privet. Privet is a force of nature, like fire. Used and controlled, it can do nice things. However, it needs constant attention. When it is no longer useful, it does not go away easily. Privet is a bargain with the devil.

In addition to nanowrimo, this is also the month of nablopomo. PG has indeed posted something every day this month. Sometimes it was worthwhile, sometimes it was a space filler.

Today PG is going to change the routine a bit. Before, he wrote the text first, then picked out the pictures. Throughout the month, PG has gone down the list of folders with pictures, and tried to get as much variety as possible . Today, the pictures are graffiti from the train tunnel behind the waffle house.

There is a train tunnel that goes under Peachtree Industrial. It is between the waffle house and the wal mart. Thousands of cars drive over it every day that don’t know it is there. There used to be a big Frito Lay plant on Peachtree Industrial, where the Lowe’s is now. The trains that brought supplies to this plant went through this tunnel.

The graffiti performers have found the tunnel in recent years. Neither Lowe’s nor Walmart will admit to selling the spraypaint.



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