Castro Friday Night

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Last friday night, The Justice House of Prayer went to Castro Street in San Francisco. They do this on a lot of friday nights. They will sing and play guitar, and sometimes they will preach. They are Jesus worshipers
Last friday night was not an ordinary friday night. Ten days earlier, the voters of California voted to pass Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriage. The people on Castro Street were angry. The message of JHOP was seen as a provocation. A mob developed, and the police had to escort the JHOP to their vehicles

There is plenty of blame to go around for this ugly incident. The video shows the police leading some people away from an angry mob. It makes the mob look ugly, and indeed there seems to be excessive reaction here.
But what about the JHOP? They knew what they were getting into. Were they looking to create Goodwill for Jesus, or were they looking to pick a fight? Why couldn’t they just take a couple of weeks off until the passions over Prop 8 cool off?

What does this say about Jesus?
Anyone can read from the bible. Anyone can talk about Jesus. There needs to be trust for the person listening to the message to believe what the preachers are saying. JHOP seems to have forgotten this essential first step. They seem to be looking for a confrontation.

Jesus worship is often seen…with a lot of justification… as preaching hatred against gay people. Many of the Castro residents have struggled with Jesus worship, and come to the painful decision that they simply don’t agree with it. Others agree with Jesus worship, but want to live the way G-d made them.

There are all sorts of ways to take this message, and many of them cause pain for the people being preached to. For a group of people to come into someones home and preach a painful religious message…without gaining the trust of these people…it just isn’t right. It does not speak well for Jesus.

When you preach to people without their trust, you speak in vain. When you do so out of lust for confrontation, you speak in vain. When your preaching causes pain to people , you speak in vain.
The third commandment speaks to this…”exodus 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy G-d in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”



Uncoding Lenny

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Yesterday, after exploring east atlanta, PG and Uzi went to dinner. They alternate between Piccadilly and S&S , and this was a Piccadilly week. PG always thinks of the antique store called Pick a Dilly. That might explain some of the clientele.

Lenny was a friend of Uzi, who had checked out of the hotel a few years ago. Lenny was inclined towards a philosophical viewpoint. He tried to write these nuggets down. The only trouble was…well, one of the troubles was…that Lenny never did understand the concept of the tab key. He would type the quote, the source, and any other information into one cell of a database. PG had time on his hands, and offered to try and straighten out the mess.

Now, one problem is a program suite, that microsoft foisted on the population, called works. The database that Lenny used was in works. The only operating system to employ works was Millennium Edition. M.E. was the edsell of the microsoft showroom. When you tried to take something in works, and move it to another microsoft system, you were liable to get a screen full of jibberish. (According to spell check, this is properly spelled gibberish)

So, the email arrived. PG tried to open the file using an open office database, and the thing closed immediately. PG thought he heard the computer laughing at him. Next was a bootleg copy of microsoft windows 97 office suite. Funny how suite is pronounced like sweet, but is anything but. The database was not amused, and word showed a screen full of gibberish.

Next, PG tried notepad. This did show some text in between the acres of code. PG copied this into a trusty wordpad file, and started to edit. After a while, there were a few quotes in legible form.
PG then sent this email to Uzi:

excellent i haven’t had a family turkey day since i had parents
as for the files, they are not opening smoothly. i might could work around some of the issues, but it might be easier if i had a copy of works
when i had my first computer, i used works, and then tried to take the files to my job to use the word based computers there. word computers do not like works ( even if it is at work, as in job. this can get confusing)
If you could find a copy of the works database file and send it to me, that might make this project easier
I opened one file with notepad, and was able to cull these from the mass of jibberish

The best things and best people rise out of their separateness ; I’m against a homogenized society because I want the cream to rise . Robert Frost

How many a dispute could have been deflated into a single paragraph if the disputants had dared to define their terms . Aristotle

The government of the United States is not in any sense founded upon thty . Clarence Darrow

Is this the sort of thing i can expect to find? a quote, and then a source for the quote?



Mississippi Paint

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One of the blogs that PG follows is Puntabulous. The man is having a contest, inviting his viewers to send in self portraits. The images are to be done in MS Paint.
PG submitted an image, which may or may not be what the contest called for. The image was accompanied by this letter.

Is this a feminist program? why not miss paint, or mr paint. Or for the little boy, master paint.

I digress. I have been using mspaint for years . I make faux stained glass windows. The one pixel line drawings in paint work very well for what I do.

Many “sophisticated” image mongers look down on paint. I maintain that paint is a lovely program. While photoshop and the dozens of other brand name programs have their place, there is nothing like good old fashioned paint.

I just hope that microsoft does not do away with it like they did imaging. Now, there was a great program. The only problem was royalty issues with kodak, and greedy microsoft kicked it out.

At any rate, i am working on a project as we speak. This picture is in conjunction with nanowrimo, or national novel writing month. Since my novel does not have a plot, I am throwing everything i can think of into it. You are now a part of my novel. You will get along very well with the other characters, and maybe even get a date.

I am going to send the working drawing for my current project. It is called fifty six points. There are eight stars, with seven points each. They are in a rectangle defined by a series of interlocking border tiles.

On a technical note, I highly recommend zipping bitmap files before sending by email. You may want to mention this to your contestants. Many will already know this, but it is a good idea for those who don’t. Zipping will dramatically reduce the file size of a bitmap.

This letter is a good start for my nanowrimo output for today. I aim for 1700 words a day, for a november total of 50k. I am up to 36k now, and should make 50k with no trouble. The fact that the novel….the working title is “the confessions of gnarlene widget”…the fact that the novel is an unreadable mess is of no concern. Editing is for december.



Learning from a Tree Stump

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At about 1:30, PG called Uzi, and said to meet behind the waffle house. Today, the sunday walk was going to be in East Atlanta.

PG was true to form in making a wrong turn on the freeway, forcing a drive down Spring Street to North Avenue. There was little traffic, and soon the men were on Moreland, crossing I 20, and making that weird turn off Moreland onto Flat Shoals.
The East Atlanta shopping district is not very big. It can be covered on foot in a few minutes. There are plenty of unused buildings, and former parking lots with a fence in front. The transitionality of the neighborhood is a work in progress.

There are plenty of places to get a drink in East Atlanta. While PG was taking pictures of graffiti on the side of the Earl, Uzi said that he never did care to be in a bar on Sunday afternoon. PG thought back to his drinking days and agreed. Sundays are for riding bikes, hiking, watching football, but not to be spent inside with cigarette smoking drunks.

On the way back to the car, Uzi saw a tree stump in a vacant lot. He decided to count the rings on the stump. By his reckoning, the tree was 130 years old when it was murdered. There was some serious fighting in this area during the War between the States. This would have been 144 years ago, or before the tree was planted.

There was once a fill in band leader on the Tonight show named Tommy Newsome. Johnny Carson made comments about Mr. Newsome going to Central Park, and taking charisma lessons from a tree stump. The stump in East Atlanta is utterly lacking in charisma. It was not in Central Park forty years ago. Reports of local musicians taking charisma lessons from this tree stump are not to be believed.



Tom Watson

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There is a twelve foot tall statue of Tom Watson in front of the steps to the Georgia State Capital It is on the west side, looking at Central Avenue and Atlanta City Hall.

Mr. Watson is a curious figure. At first a populist who supported the right of freed slaves to vote, he became a rabble rousing anti semite and anti catholic. His publications called for the reorganization of the Ku Klux Klan. During the imprisonment of Leo Frank, he said “The next Jew who does what Frank did, is going to get exactly the same thing that we give to Negro rapists.” Mr. Frank was later abducted from jail and hung from a tree in Marietta, near the site of the Big Chicken.
The green metal likeness of Mr. Watson, with his left armed raised in rhetorical combat, has seen many things over the years. Today, there was a rally for the right of same sex couples to marry. The expression on the statue did not change during the event. One suspects that the anti catholic crusader would have been amused by the call for the church to mind its own business.
The rally was a happy, friendly event. There have been reports of racial unrest at previous prop 8 rallies, but that was not seen by this reporter. In fact, the best costume of the day was worn by a black lady. Another black lady spoke, and said “we are not fighting hate, we are fighting ignorance.”
There was a bulldog in the crowd, who was not camera shy. It was noted that very few people have pet yellow jackets. The dog’s owner did not understand this comment.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
semite- smite




Prop 8 Idle Chatter

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PG– Good Morning
Poovis Widget– Good Morning to you, sir
PG– how is Gnarlene?
PW– mean as ever. lord, i don’t know what it takes to make her happy
PG– well, what do you expect. she married you
PW– yea, but you do what you have to do
PG– I always think of you too when i hear that gays can’t marry. Lord knows, enough do, it is just to females who play the role of beard
PW–well, this one is dangerously close to getting shaved
PG– so, what do you think of this whole prop 8 mess
PW– this is what you can expect from lawyers and supreme courts. things were fine and dandy until some lawyer with too much time filed a suit so some queens could marry each other. As many fag hags as they have in california, you would think that would not be necessary. Just marry a woman that will play the game, and keep your mouth shut
PG– dude, telling a queen to keep her mouth shut is dangerous business. What galls me is the backlash from this after the election. Anyone with any sense could have told you that prop 8 was going to pass. There has been a lot of finger pointing, and the whole thing is so unpleasant.
PW– people just have to play the blame game
PG–so, they had this rally in los angeles after the election. Some of the bois were upset about prop 8 passing, and there were some reports of the bois shouting the n word
PW– what would that be, nail polish
PG– no, the other n word. you know, the six letter one that refers to african americans.
PW– oh that one. so some folks said the n word at a rally. What happened next
PG– word got out in the blogs about this rally. When the news got to some hot heads in the south, the thing had blown up into a glorified klan rally. i think  about the people at the rally who were not shouting race slurs, but got tagged as bigots because they were in the same crowd as a few people who don’t know when to shut up.
PW– you know, these things happen. When you go talking about racism, it is best to look in the mirror and see who is doing the talking.
PG–so, there is going to be a rally at the state capitol tomorrow about this prop 8 business. how do you feel about meeting up and going down there.
PW– that might be hot. maybe we could out later and have some real fun
PG– thats the spirit. I am sure Gnarlene would understand. They will have reruns of “The real housewives of Atlanta” on tomorrow.
PW– Yes, Gnarly is hooked on that show. She was so upset when that fundraising party turned out to be a flop.
PG– so, getting back to the rally at the capitol, there are going to be some people in costume. That should add a festive touch to the day.
PW–I know what I want to do. I am going to wear a bedsheet and pointed hat, and be a klansman. If we are going to have a glorified klan rally, then I want to dress the part.
PG– dude, i wonder about you sometimes.



The Message

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The novel PG is writing is now known as “ The Confessions of Gnarlene Widget. This is more commercial than “ Novel with No Plot”. The role model is “Trout Fishing in America”. When PG runs out of things to say, he reads a bit in TFIA, and is inspired.

The next chapter is a little story that takes two pages and change to tell. Some people were going camping, and looking for a good place. While on the road they pass a parade. The parade was a shepherd who looks like Adolph Hitler, only friendly. Following him were a thousand sheep, three horses and a wagon. The sheep left organic souvenirs, lots of them.

The campers decided they didn’t like the first site, and went back up the road to another place, The sheep souvenirs were everywhere. Before long the parade was on the road again. They gave the Hitler look alike a beer for his trouble. Finally, the campers found an acceptable place to camp. They caught some trout that looked like leaves for dinner.

As PG types this, the computer music player has a concert by Roger Waters playing. The song on the machine now is “Sheep”. Mr. Waters used to be a key member of Pink Floyd, but had issues with some of the others. They went on without him, and even did a stadium tour under the PF name. The keyboard player recently passed away. He was friendly with Mr. Waters, who reportedly did not like onstage improvisation. PG found the playing of “Sheep” at this moment to be an incident of synchronicity and simultaneity.

Back to the story in TFIA. The campers had a happy camper night in the acceptable place, and looked down the valley to see the sheep, the shepherd that looked like Hitler, and the wagon.

Under the borco bookmark, across the page from the first part of this story…Which was titled “the message”…is a yellowed newspaper clipping. It was written by the Associated Press, and was on page 3a of The Atlanta Constitution, Fri. Oct. 26, 1984. The Headline reads ” Novelist Brautigan found dead in home”. It seems like the 49 year old author had found life to be troubling, and ended it with a gunshot wound. There was a quote from Tom McGuane…” When the sixties ended, he was the baby thrown out with the bathwater”.

Sometimes it is best to enjoy the product of a craftsman, and not use his life as an example.

The other side of the piece of yellowed newsprint is a picture of a whiskey bottle. The paper around the neck of the bottle says Canadian Mist. It must be from the english speaking part, or it would be spelled Canadien. Under the brand name, in fancy letters, it says Eighty Proof. The bottle is lit from the left side, with a bit of a crest visible atop the storage part of the bottle. A four legged animal is standing guard for a coat of arms.
Under the watchful animal, The word IMPORTED is in all caps, in the same font as Canadian Mist. The word Canada is in little letters below that,just above the place where scissors separated the clipping from the rest of page 3a.
The message in the title of the sheep/Hitler lookalike story has a meaning. The camper received a one word message that night. The word was Stalingrad.



Climb a Tree

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PG settled back in the frankenstein chair and looked out onto the street. The leaves that were yellow last week are orange and brown now. They are drying, and will be on the ground soon. The tree behind this tree is closer to the next yard, and not visible from the frankenstein chair. The leaves on it are just beginning to turn yellow. It always does this. When those leaves dry out and fall, there will be a lot of organic matter in the yard. This will not happen until turkey day.

When PG was a kid, he liked to climb this tree. It had branches low enough to grab, and pull yourself up into the body of the tree. One new years day, PG took a portable radio up in that tree and listened to the gator bowl. Florida was playing Missouri. Florida had a quarterback named Steve Spurrier. He won the heisman the next year, was a so so pro quarterback, and won a few games as a coach. On this new years day, he chunked a few touchdowns while PG listened in the tree, but Missouri won the game anyway. There is a thing called defense.
There is a story about bowl games from that era. NBC was bidding on the Olympics. At the time, the new years day triple header was the centerpiece of their sports coverage. They gave the presentation, and they talked about the Sugar Bowl, the Rose Bowl, and the Orange Bowl. They did not get the contract to broadcast the Olympic games. After the presentation, one of the Europeans at the Olympic committee had a chat with the NBC representative. Some people thought that the talk about bowel games was in bad taste.
The Spell check suggestions for this feature:
heisman..pantheism, atheism, helmsman, herdsman
spurrier… spurring, slurried, furrier



Armistice Day

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Today is veterans day. Formerly known as armistice day, this was the end of the first world war. That was ninety years ago. Only a handful of veterans from that conflict are still around.The last living American-born veteran is 107-year-old Frank Woodruff Buckles of Charles Town, W.Va. On the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the fighting would cease. If you got killed on the tenth minute, too bad.
Today, it is called Veterans Day. The idea is to honor the Men and Women who have served.

PG is not a veteran. He came of age in the Vietnam Era. There is a post at his old blog which tells the story. The bottom line is, by the time PG was old enough to join, the War in Vietnam was essentially over. Our government was trying to get a fig leaf peace treaty, so we could get our troops out. Mr. Nixon called it Peace with Honor, when it turned out to be anything but.
America is at war today. The war in Babylon has been out of the spotlight lately. Neither side in the election saw advantage in talking about it. The official line is that we are winning, and there does seem to be a certain amount of progress. However, when discussing war, a b.s. detector is a handy tool. PG has opposed this war from the beginning, and does not see much good coming out of it. However, how does that relate to the individual soldiers?
Last week at the bloggers night out, PG met Muskrat. He didn’t make a big deal about it that night, but the man has been to Iraq. When it is a person you have met, war takes on a different meaning. Today, at his blog, Muskrat talked about some of the kindness that he has been shown after his deployment. PG commented
“Even…or maybe especially…those who are opposed to the war should thank the men and women who have served.”
Opposition to the war has been the target of many right wing types. Many say that opponents of the war are hoping for American defeat. ( “They have the ribbons and balloons already ordered for the defeat party.” The hideous Mark Steyn said that on the Michael Medved show). The fact is that a defeat in Iraq is a defeat for all of us. While many of us had these concerns before the war…and many of us expressed them… the fact is that we are there, and we need to make the best of the situation. Whether BHO is smart enough to do this is a good question. Like participation in the war, the presidency of BHO is now a done deal. The patriotic thing is to pull together, and try to make something good come out of this.

Osama Bin Ladin has been quoted as saying the he will defeat the United States the same way he defeated the Soviet Union. This is to say, he will prolong the conflict, and bankrupt the great power that is fighting him. Al Queda does not have to win battles to do this. All Al Queda has to do is stir up enough trouble so that America cannot leave. The longer we are in Iraq, the more damage we do to our economy. It is already happening. ( PG is not able to find a link to show that Mr. Bin Ladin said this. This may prove to be a fabrication. However, it is not far from the truth.If Bin Ladin did not say it, then he should have.)

The Men and Women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have performed a difficult task with honor and courage. The why and how of this conflict is out of their hands. The fact is, they have been given a job, and they have done it. They deserve the Thanks of America.



Empathy and Abortion

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Back to empathy for a minute. The word always takes PG back to an auditorium in Clarkston GA in 1971. PG was in his first quarter at Dekalb College. Today,the institution is known as Georgia Perimeter College. One of the selling points of college has always been the outside speakers that were brought to campus. This day, the subject was abortion.

A note on set and setting is appropriate. In 1971, New York state had legalized the abortion procedure. Roe vs. Wade was in the pipeline that would lead to the Supreme Court. That ruling would not be issued for another fifteen months. In the meantime, abortion was illegal in 49 states, including Georgia. The debate about abortions was not as politicized as today. The nomenclature of choice and life had not entered the vocabulary.

The Vietnam war was still being fought, although with fewer Americans in combat. The withdrawal of US forces took most of the steam out of the anti war movement. The modern spectacle of a person supporting a war, while claiming to be pro life, did not happen.

PG walked into the auditorium and found a seat. The lady began her presentation. After a few minutes of talk…she said something about a woman who was artificially inseminated with masturbated semen… the house lights were dimmed. A black and white film of an abortion was shown. It was noted when the fetus went into the vacuum cleaner attachment. The house lights were brought back up. They should have remained dim, as the woman was not kind on the eyes.

The closing part of her presentation was a song she wrote. She sang acapella. The song was written out of empathy with the not to be born baby. The song was titled ” My mother My grave”.

PG left the auditorium, and went to world history class.



Where is the Link

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PG found himself in a blog battle. It started with the passage of Proposition 8 in California. PG was not surprised at the result, nor was he surprised that an estimated seventy percent of black people voted against the measure.
Next, some people in LA had a protest outside a Mormon facility. The Mormon church financed a large chunk of the ad campaign in favor of Prop8. At the rally, according to reports, some protesters expressed their displeasure at black people to some African Americans in attendance. The n word was heard. People were not pleased.

PG first heard of this at a local blog. He left this comment:

“Two wrongs do not make a right. The African American Jesus Worship Church has been spewing out hatred of Gays and Lesbians for years. They were a big factor in the passage of proposition 8. This does not justify what allegedly happened at that rally.
I say allegedly because I was not there. I take what Jasmyne Cannick says with a grain of salt. While a handful of people shouting the n word is too much, I can’t help but wonder if it was really as bad as these reports say.”

PG thought he would hear more. He was correct.

Neo-Prodigy has butted heads with PG before. Neo-P pulled out the rhetorical artillery on this one. The rally was a
“glorified klan rally” with “pink robed cross burners”. There were comments about the “Gay Mafia” , why Prop 8 lost, and a lot of other things. If you follow the link, you can read to your heart’s content.
The one comment that caught PG’s eye was
“Operation: Blame The Negroes rages on as gay leaders continue to scapegoat blacks for the passing of Prop 8 in California. Among those leading the charge are columnists Andrew Sullivan and Dan Savage“. PG was curious what Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Savage had said, and he was curious as to who Dan Savage was. The commentary by Neo-P did not have links back to the comments by Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Savage. PG went wading through Mr. Sullivan’s blog, which was quite a chore. Andrew Sullivan posts a lot of material. Finally, PG found a reference to a column by Dan Savage. It turns out Mr. Savage writes a sex advice column for a Seattle Gay Newspaper. PG wonders who appointed him a community leader.
PG made a comment, using the name Chamblee54. The first comment listed the links to Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Savage. He added
“As for the rally in Westwood, what I am reading sets off my b.s. detector. While shouting race slurs is wrong, I was not at the rally. I have to take the word of the reports on the internet. Frankly, I don’t believe the race baiting at that rally was more than a few fringe performers. I could be wrong, and there is really no way to find out for sure.
The point is, you cannot believe everything you read. You should do a bit of research, and not just paste in verbatim from other sources.”

Neo-P was not amused.
” First of all, what happened in Westwood has been covered extensively by everyone from Jasmyne Cannick to the Huffington Post. Those people aren’t making up what happened….Fourth of all don’t f*****g tell me about researching my sources just because you don’t want to hear the truth that the gay community is filled with some bottom-feeding bigots. It’s that blind-eye mentality which is why shit is so f****d up now. Next time you tell somebody to do more research, take your own f*****g advice.” He did not offer any more links.
PG replied
“If you are going to say that “Among those leading the charge are columnists Andrew Sullivan and Dan Savage.”, then you should supply links so we can say what they said.” He also asked for a link to a post at the Huffington Post about the rally in Westwood. PG went looking at the HuffPo, but could not find anything about the rally in Westwood with the race baiting. PG did find a report of a rally in San Diego, where the crowd protested the passage of Prop 8 without apparent incident.
Neo-P replied
“And once again, still full of fail. Go read Racialicious to read Savage’s bigoted comments blaming black people for the passing of Prop 8. Because we’re all homophobic and we’re all racist…I’ve got the links and I’ve done my research but since you’re so hellbent on defending these bigots regardless, you can look it up yourself as you’re going to believe what you want in spite of what the facts say.”
PG replied
” I am paying you a compliment by paying attention. When you quote someone, or accuse them of “leading the charge”, it is not too much to ask to provide a link so the reader can see for themselves what was said.”
To PG, this is no longer about protesters shouting racial slurs at African Americans. He does not doubt that it happened, although he suspects it was a tiny part of the overall crowd. To PG, the issue is basic journalism. When you say someone is “leading the charge”, you should provide a link to the original comments. The reader can judge what the person says. The reader can also decide whether to get upset about the comments of a sex advice columnist.

The final reply was by Neo-P. He said
“fair enough”, and listed a series of links. There was not a link to Huffington Post.
The moral of this story is that you should not believe everything you read. And, when you go telling tales on the internet, it is easy enough to show links to the source of your information. You should do it. If you give a teacher a term paper, you are expected to use footnotes to show where you got your information. When you go posting on your blog, you should use the same standard.

PG strongly condemns the use of racial slurs. PG also condemns the branding of bystanders as bigots, because someone in the same crowd uses a racial slur.



Under Fifty Words

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One of the blogs PG reads almost everyday is Twenty Two Words.The idea is to say what needs to be said in 22 words or less. It is a good goal, even if it is frequently ignored. As a general rule, people talk too much, and could say a great deal with fewer words. In the telegram days, Western Union charged by the word, and short messages were prized. Much the same thing is going on today with text messaging, albeit with the added punch of abbreviations. RU Gr8 2day?

The plan for this weekend is to encourage his readers to put up a post of 50 words or less. On Saturday, PG began to peruse the list of posts<50 words. The problem was, most of them were Jesus Worship oriented, and those railroad tracks are a different gauge from PG’s rolling stock. His engine simply won’t go anywhere on that line. The tunnels don’t have enough headroom.

There were a few that caught his eye. There was the lady working in Columbia. The title was
If I hear another story about a dismembered body, I’ll scream! “Forming close friendships in Colombia is harder than you might think, given that Colombians are such a friendly people. When people start to share their lives with me, instead of helping us find shared interests or points of contact, their stories of utter horror and anguish often leave me reeling.”
Another one…with links to a series of lectures, and a two hour youtube video…said
“Our greatest problem is that we esteem self more than we esteem God.”
Some would say that G-d lives in man, and is in fact indivisible from Man. If this were true, then esteeming self is the same as esteeming G-d. The division of G-d and man is a problem with Jesus Worship.The answer is to see G-d and man as one, thou art that. PG leans toward this unified view of the world. He does not have all the details worked out.

G-d (or the Devil) is in the details. This saying is credited to Frank Lloyd Wright, among others. It is a cliché that PG sees as being more true the more he thinks about it. There is, for instance, the Moonie view of G-d. They teach that there is personality and body to anything, or body personality, or peanut butter. The moonies teach that G-d is the personality of the cosmos. The difference between a box with seven dollars worth of chemicals and a human being. Yes, you can gather the needed chemicals, but how can you assemble them into human form? You need G-d, and when you add G-d to these chemicals, you get a human being. Is it too much of a leap to say that G-d lives in the heart of all babies, young and old.? That G-d is the heart.

Which brings PG to the last post that he will quote tonight. The Daily Scroll calls itself “news and more from the Christian blogosphere”. The post is an invitation to answer some questions for publication. Here, the questions will be in gray, and the answer in blue.
What compelled you to start blogging? I had been thinking about having a blog, and had even collected material. It was more or less inevitable. Then, I saw something at a place called Fide-o. They were discussing something or another, and I had a comment to make. To make a comment, you needed to sign up for a blogspot account. In effect, that is when my blog, Chamblee 54, got started.
The comment was about the notion that the bible is “the word of G-d”. I am of the opinion that G-d does not write books. This concept (that the bible is “the word of G-d) elevates a book written by man into the position of being like G-d, to being “the word of G-d”. This is wrong on a number of levels. The first commandment says to have no other G-d before you, and you violate this common sense rule when you take a book written by man and proclaim it as the Word of G-d. Needless to say, the Fidomites did not agree.

After a few days of fun filled debate, I went in the back yard to take some auto timer self portraits. Noting that the neighbors were not looking, I dropped my pants before one of the shots. I posted a picture of my “Better side”. The Fidomites were outraged, and I was banned from commenting.

How would you describe the purpose of your blog(s)?
To feel good after I have posted. Hopefully, I can do this by bringing some enjoyment to those who visit. My current motto is ” pretty pictures and ugly opinions” . Image manipulation is one of my hobbies, and the pictures are an essential part of the blog. Often, the text is just words to put between the pictures. The words are in colors. I use a medium sized font, which is easier to read. Black fonts are obsolete.
What unique responsibilities do you think Christian bloggers have?
They don’t have any. A bit of humility is appropriate, and the realization that not everyone thinks they are so wonderful. Christians use a lot of arguments that sound good to each other, but do not appeal to those who disagree with them. You should remember that the blogosphere is not a church. If you go to a church, it is rude to argue with the message. If you have open comments, you should not be shocked to find that not everyone buys what you say.
What are your own favorite blogs or news sites?
Twentytwowords, JoemyGod, Puntabulous, APWBWGTTD ( Atlanta people with blogs who get together to drink), Centurion, and whoever else has caught my eye that week. There are literally millions of blogs right now, and I can only really appreciate a handful. There are probably a lot that I might enjoy, that I don’t get around to. Oh, and there are those with mp3 downloads. I enjoy collecting free music.
How would you be spending your extra time, if you didn’t blog?
Reading, photo taking and editing, making faux stained glass pictures, cleaning the house, riding my bike, walking, enjoying the privilege of being alive in 21st century America.