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The following items come from a blog called s13ky. The original post has more details. The pictures are from a local archive.
In Tibet, a common drink is butter tea – it is made from yak butter, salt, and tea… The ancient Mayans made truly hot chocolate – they added chilies and corn to it… No one really knows when donuts were invented or who invented them… Apples, potatoes, and onions all taste the same when eaten with your nose plugged… When an egg floats in water, it is “off” and should not be eaten… The consumption of natural vanilla causes the body to release catecholamines (including adrenalin) – for this reason it is considered to be mildly addictive…Banana trees are not actually trees – they are giant herbs… The term “brain freeze” was invented to explain the pain one feels when drinking a slurpee too fast… Ketchup was originally a fish sauce originating in the orient… 7-Up – invented in 1920 contained Lithium – the drug commonly prescribed now to sufferers of bi-polar disorder.



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  1. akmal eky said, on December 18, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    Thanks a lot for the comment and link to my blog

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