Four Ladies

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 23, 2008



PG is almost ready to take back everything he ever said about auto playing music devices. Almost. They are on a lot of blogs now, where the music starts to play when you open the site, whether you want to hear it or not.

PG left a comment at Jasmine Cannick’s facility. Ms. Cannick has a series,
A White Gay’s Guide for Dealing with the Black Community for Dummies. PG thoughtfully left a comment, saying that he has learned a lot about “…the black community for dummies”. He went to the site to see if there was any reaction, and the auto start music player had a monolog by Shirley Q. Liquor.
PG let the thing play, and got himself an earful. He was starting to get tired of the whole thing after the fifth monolog, but soon the free show was over. Miss Cannick was so thoughtful to play all those comedy things.

This must just be the day for goofy women. Earlier, PG found a piece by Ann Coulter. She said that Sarah Palin was the Conservative of the Year. The hosting facility was Humanevents. PG wonders where the break should be, whether it is human events or humane vents. The site also has a history lesson from Newt Gingrich, who has gone from teaching history to being history.

Getting back to Man Ann Coulter. She does have a way with words, and I bet Sarah Palin could read them good. For example
“I assume Palin was chosen because McCain had heard that she was a real conservative and he had always wanted to meet one — no, actually because he needed a conservative on the ticket, but that he had no idea that picking her would send the left into a tailspin of wanton despair.” What is that saying, when you Assume you make an ass of u and me? Of course, the party represented by a donkey won the election.
HT to Andrew Sullivan for the story by Ms. Coulter.



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