Three Pictures

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 27, 2009


PG  recently finished three pictures. All are back lit, made of sticker paper and tape, on a mylar base. The first one completed is 308 gift exchange. This image is 15”x19”. This is a group of seven pointed stars, with shapes and colors to fill the remaining space. This image was a lot of trouble in the assembly phase. The idea was to have an even overlap around the sides of the stars, and that was easier said than done.

The next two were done at the same time. They are 309 Argyle and 310 Ovals. These two are 13”x19”. PG took the border tiles he had used before, and enlarged them 200 percent. On 309 Argyle, he drew lines between the tiles, and diamond shapes emerged in the middle. On 310 Ovals, a mandala theme was used, albeit in simplified form.

Before long, it will be time to do another one. Or two.



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