John Martyn

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In the autumn of 1973, PG was living in a trailer in Athens Ga. The humble dwelling was soon to be demolished to, make way for a highway.

PG shared the trailer with Bob, who was a DJ at a local radio station. Bob brought armloads of records home, much more than he could absorb. PG started to look through these albums, and found a few gems. The two that come to mind are Joan Armatrading and John Martyn.

John Martyn passed away today. He was born on September 11, 1948. Yes, he was born on nine eleven. His first name was Iain David McGeachy

The album that caught PG’s attention was “Solid Air”. It mixed acoustic guitar, deep, deep voice singing, and lush instrumentals. Mr. Martyn had been a friend of Nick Drake, and the space journey sounds they got from acoustic instruments shows this.

John Martyn opened for Traffic at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium in 1971 or 1972. PG does not know if he played in Atlanta any other time.

There is a song on “Solid Air” called “May you Never”. It was recorded by many other performers. In 1979, PG found himself in a Moonie camp…although they didn’t tell you thats what it was. Before dinner, various people were singing for the group. PG performed “May you Never”.

There were other albums by Mr. Martyn, and PG got some as they came out. None had quite the kick that “Solid Air” had, and eventually PG quit looking for them. He did find a CD of “Solid Air”. Then today, the Aquarium Drunkard had the telltale headline with the name, and two dates.



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