Lawrence Welk Rocks

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 29, 2009



One of the Atlanta bloggers recently posted a list of twenty musical acts the he “can’t stand”. The list was…

Nickelback, M.I.A., U2, Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas, Gwen Stefani,Fergie/Black Eyed Peas,Old Dirty Bastard/Big Baby Jesus, Norah Jones,Bob Dylan/Jacob Dylan/The Wallflowers,Linda Perry/4 Non-Blondes,Natalie Merchant/10,000 Maniacs,Sonic Youth,Kid Rock,T-Pain, Jack Johnson,KATY PERRY, TV on the Radio, Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam.

PG just feels a bit more like an old fogie. And, maybe, this is not a bad thing.

To begin with, seven of the folks PG has never heard of. There is Kid Rock, who got in a fight in a Buford Hiway Waffle House. Or Katy Perry, who kissed a girl before she goes talking about Jesus.

It is encouraging to see the vastly overrated U2 on the list. Or puzzling to see that not everyone thinks Bob Dylan the most important artist of the last sixty years…in addition to making some great records.

But the main reason the list made PG feel old was the length of time since he felt that way. When you are an observer, it can be easier to not like something, than to appreciate it.

PG had a friend years ago called Geronimo. He had a lot of influence over PG’s thinking for a while. There were things he liked, but the list that he did not like, and would ridicule, was even longer. One day, Geronimo started to rant about Jeff Beck. As it turned out, PG liked Jeff Beck, and let his pal know it. Geronimo continued to have way more opinions than he needed.  PG…after a while…learned to think for himself.

This was the early seventies. For many like Geronimo, disco was the anti christ. PG started to hang out downtown, and one night was dragged, kicking and screaming, onto the dance floor. He discovered that he liked to dance, and enjoyed the music that so many of his friends hated.

The process of learning to appreciate all forms of good music was a long journey, and is probably still not complete. There was the time when PG stood outside a stadium listening to Black Sabbath …another bane of the 1972 music snob.

A few progressions later, and PG was not exposed to much that he did not like. Music went into the mtv era, and radio got more and more specialized. PG got older and more decrepit, and caught himself enjoying Lawrence Welk.



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