Devil in the Disclaimer

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 30, 2009



PG likes to wander the internet, looking for things to say. It is very easy to get stuck in the rhetorical goo. Then he saw the ad…What is your real age?

There is a saying…”G-d is in the details”. On WIYRA, the fine print at the bottom is revealing. WIYRA is a function of the Hearst empire….going from bad to Hearst. The lawyer types added the disclaimer…
Medical Disclaimer: All information on this site is of a general nature and is furnished for your knowledge and understanding only. This information is not to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to your specific health and medical condition.
Is the devil in the disclaimer?

Soon, PG was asked for an email, and told to create a password. Click here to indicate acceptance of terms. Somewhere in the mix was this …
Free RealAge membership…Membership is free and provides practical, personalized information to help make your RealAge younger. If you check Yes, we’ll e-mail you wellness tips and, on occasion, information about other health topics, products, and services that are relevant to you. We will not share your e-mail address with third parties without your permission.
At this point, PG started to get nervous. He hit the x in the top left corner of the window.



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