Dog Be Hatin

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Christopher Buckley was discussing a known idiot the other day. It seems that someone went on Swedish TV, and said there were no gas chambers in nazi Germany. If you have the free time, you can follow the link and see the video.

Mr. Buckley’s concept was the speech should not be censored. People should be allowed to say what they please, and to be allowed to look like fools. The money quote:
“Idiotic and hateful sentiments ought to afforded every opportunity of dissemination, so that all may hear and heap scorn and odium on them. Don’t jail someone for being pathetic. Putting them on YouTube is far more effective.”
This is the essence of the American system. You can say almost anything you like. You will probably be ignored, but you will not go to jail. Dictators in other countries could learn from this, and use the secret police to give speeding tickets.

It is not surprising that an illustration of Mr. Buckley’s thesis was so soon to come. A *tight end* for the Dallas Cowboys made a video. He sang in rap style, used a few cusswords and racial epithets, and rhymed Tony Romo. He wore a team jersey, and mentioned the name of the team owner. Sad to say, the original video has been removed from youtube.

The *player* was fined $22k. He made an “apology” video. The “apology” is an excellent example of Mr. Buckley’s law. It deserves to be ignored, but will get a few views.
The Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons will watch the Super Bowl on TV.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
romo- romeo, ramen, homo, rome, room, promo, romp



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