The Right To Bare Arms

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The official portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama was recently released. She is the prettiest First Lady in quite a while.  Unlike her husband, she is a full blooded African American.  Her father’s great grandfather, Jim Robinson, was a slave in South Carolina.

The First Lady is an important person. Laura Bush stayed in the background, which was a welcome change from the mediamania for Hillary Clinton and Nancy Reagan. It remains to be seen what sort of role Mrs. Obama will play in the next few years.

There is a bit of controversy over the choice of a sleeveless gown for this portrait. The second amendment does say something about the right to bare arms.

HT to transgriot, who has an interesting comment. It seems that looking over MLRO’s shoulder is a portrait of Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson was a slave owner. He apparently had a romantic relationship with one of his properties, a lady named Sally Hemmings. Yes, the image is ironic.



Nuclear Unclear Part Four

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SB 31 passed
in the House of Representatives 107-66. PG’s representative, Jill Chambers, voted no.

The bill is presumably on the way to the Governor’s office. It would allow the Georgia Power Company ( and other providers) to charge customers for Nuclear Power Plants while they were under construction. It was fiercely opposed by Peach Pundit and other bloggers.

There is some losing side grumbling. The fact is, Peach Pundit sent emails to it’s readers alerting them to this bill. The reputation of Peach Pundit was put on the line regarding this bill.

PG is on the Monday Morning Quarterback patrol. He notes that the well financed interests who supported this bill have been busy for a while. Peach Pundit sent out the first email eight days ago. It may have been too late to change the course by that time.

The passage of this bill will make it easier to build nuclear power plants in Georgia. The role of government will be increased, with the need to secure nuclear fuel, and watch over the enviornment. Vast amounts of capital will be invested. Solar power is once again ignored.

The growth of the Atlanta area is counted on to make this pay off. If a drought turns Atlanta into a ghost town, this power will not be needed. There is still no provision to provide other sources of water for the Atlanta area.

Nuclear Power=Big Government



Nuclear Unclear Part Three

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PG checked his inbox, and there was another email from Peach Pundit about SB31. This is the bill that would allow Georgia Power to charge customers for a Nuclear Power plant while it is under construction. The email says many of the same things as this post.

Dear Peach Pundit Reader,
A state representative just called me and said, “We’re under enormous pressure to get this bill through. Leadership and the Georgia Power guys were taken by surprise by y’alls opposition and are now pushing hard.”
They are feeling the pressure. Go work the phones. Tell your state representative to oppose S.B. 31.

Be careful when you hit that link. There is an ad for some Ann Coulter product, and her face is at eye level.

My, my, my. So the power company is hiring lobbyists to pressure the legislature into giving them money to pay for their new toy. PG has mixed feelings about this. The bottom line is that
Nuclear Power=Big Government and needs to be stifled. This law would at least force the financing of this mess into the open.
On the other hand, Georgia Power is going to do what it wants to do. We might save a few bucks if we force them to do the financing, like Peach Pundit wants. On issues like this, PG has mixed feelings, and says let the legislature decide.

The nukes are going to be an expansion at Plant Vogtle. This is in Burke County, near Augusta. The Chattahoochee River Watershed will not be affected.

There is one other post at Peach Pundit that is amusing. He notes the lack of attention that SB31 has gotten in the corporate media. Maybe he doesn’t listen to the radio. They have lots of commercials from Georgia Power, and many of these commercials are rather insulting to the listener. These commercials are designed to buy protection from investigation from the corporate media. These media mongers know that if they present an unfavorable comment about SB31, then Georgia Power will buy advertising time somewhere else.



Happy Mardi Gras

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It is fat tuesday again. For someone who lived most of his life in Georgia, it is just another day.

In 1990, PG went to carnival. He rented sleeping bag space in a house on Marigny Street, just outside the quarter. It was like nothing he had ever seen.

This was 14 months after PG quit drinking. If he had life to do over, he would have gone to Mardi Gras first. He did feel good about going through that much drinking without being tempted to participate.

Truth be told, he was getting tired of the whole shebang by the end of the Rex Parade. Mob scenes of drunks in costume can get old, and PG has not been back.

Two years later, the Grateful Dead was playing at the Omni, and the camp followers were in the parking lot. PG would go on his lunch hour and observe. A young lady walked by, and PG said Happy Mardi Gras. She gave him a string of beads.

Five years after that, PG had a boss from New Orleans. He was not a nice man, and looked like the Grinch who stole Christmas. He also hated Mardi Gras. PG did not know this, and greeted him Tuesday morning with a cheerful Happy Mardi Gras. If looks could kill, PG would have dropped dead.



Who is PG?

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Who is PG?

PG is a Zorlack. This tribe of morphodidic questagonals migrated to earth from the native planet of Thrunombulax. The time of this migration is not certain, as Zorlactites do not recognize earth based systems of measuring time.

The migration from Thrunombulax to Earth was an event of great trauma. There was an ecological catastrophe on Thrunombulax, similar to a nuclear war on Earth. The families that got out were privileged, and expect to be treated as though they were privileged characters. This is why they are PC…privileged characters.

Zorlacks have been the object of prejudice in every solar system and asteroid belt they have inhabited. On earth, the prejudice is fairly mild. Earth creatures are infamous in the universe for their hatred of each other. Zorlacks can fit in here without causing too much of a stir.

On Thrunombulax, there is no distinction between G-d and Man. The two are seen as part of the same continuum. The Zorlacks are amused by the belief systems that make this distinction. Some Earth people like to think that their religious ideas are universal. This is a source of derision in galaxies and black holes alike.

PG and the author of Chamblee54 are not certain how they met. The author suspects that he may indeed be a Zorlack, but the idea is too awful to contemplate. His friends are used to his ranting, and just accept it as the way he is.

The human race could learn much from the Zorlacks. The mere fact of their transportation from a planet forty four light years away, to land on the green Earth, is a source of wonder. Green is similar to a Zorlack color that is identified with untreated waste. Thrunombulax is a color and texture close to the Sun. The Zorlacks that tried to land on the Sun got a rude surprise.



Is BHO More Popular Than Jesus?

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PG has long suspected that people will believe anything you say, as long as it is the result of a survey or study. Just ask Miss Teen Age South Carolina. More evidence was released Friday. The Harris poll released a study of who is the most admired person in America.

People were not shown a list of names. They were asked to say who came to mind when asked
” “Now I’d like to ask you some questions about heroes. First of all, please tell me who you admire enough to call a hero?” (UP TO THREE ANSWERS)”
First place was President Barack H. Obama. He was not well known enough to be included when the survey was done in 2001. The winner in 2001 was Jesus, who snagged second place this time around. John Lennon was heard rock and rolling in his grave.

The rest of the top twenty ( with a few ties, so there are more than twenty total) are Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, Chesley Sullenberger, Mother Teresa, God, Hillary Clinton ,Billy Graham, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ,Mahatma Gandhi, Colin Powell, George Washington, Bill Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Palin ,General George S. Patton, Bill Gates.

There are five African Americans in the top twenty, and six women. No athletes made the cut, and Ronald Reagan was the only Hollywood Actor.

Perhaps Chesley Sullenberger should rank number two. All Jesus did was walk on water.

A few people were mentioned in 2001, but did not make the cut this time. They are John Wayne (was 8th), Michael Jordan (was 9th), John Glenn (was 11th), Norman Schwartzkopf(was 12th), Princess Diana (was 16th), Dwight Eisenhower (was 17th), Pope John Paul (was 18th),Jimmy Carter (was 20th), Nelson Mandela (was 21st), Jess Jackson (was 22nd), Tiger Woods (was 23rd), Malcolm X (was 24th), Thomas Jefferson (was 25th), Eleanor Roosevelt (was 26th),Muhammad Ali (was 27th), Venus Williams (was 28th), Neil Armstrong (was 30th)

People were asked why someone is no longer an admired hero. The top five answers were:
Do not demonstrate leadership,Became too concerned about getting personal recognition,Conduct themselves in an immoral or unethical way, Are no longer interested in helping others, Are no longer setting goals for themselves. It is interesting to note nine deceased people on the top twenty.
Harris Interactive does supply some information about their methodology.
” This Harris Poll® was conducted online within the United States between January 12 and19, 2009, among 2,634 adults (aged 18 and over). Figures for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and household income were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents’ propensity to be online.” Anyone understanding “Propensity Score Weighting” is smarter than PG.
HT to JoemyG-d. He is not the G person in the top twenty.



LostMissing number 12

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LostMissing is a public art project. The conduit is Mattilda, who is not a waltzing kangaroo. This is part 12.

One day we have a friendship of 16 years a relationship a commitment a dream a hug a conversation, and the next day it’s gone. Your commitment, your dream, your hug your conversation.
Or maybe it’s not gone; you just won’t call me back. I want to call you, but I’m not sure whether I want to talk to you. I want to call you, just so you’ll say: I don’t want to talk to you. And then I can say: how dare you talk to me like that?
Maybe one of the things that scared you was that I said you were the most important person in my life, not just that I was still angry for those five years when you lied about everything but because I told you what you meant to me. Probably what I meant to you too and maybe that made it scarier. I still wake up and think of things to say when I finally see you, I want you to know how I’m feeling or at least the anger part. Probably you know the rest.
I wonder if I’ve let go too easily, moved all my sadness and overwhelm into this project which actually gives me hope, this project of writing to you but not to you, writing to the world and with the world and in the world and all over the world. Maybe that’s what it means for me not to give up. It’s like all of these gestures can hold me in the way that you won’t. But I keep thinking about you.

I wonder what you’re thinking now. I wonder what you would think if you read this, if that would change what you’re thinking now. I wonder if this change would make a difference, a difference in the way you’re thinking. I wonder if you care.
I know you care about what you’re thinking. I wonder if you care too much about what you’re thinking, and not enough about — okay, I might as well just say it: I wonder if you’re thinking about me. If I want you to think about me. What I want you to think about me.
What you want. It always comes back there. I wonder how to get away, to get away from what you want. Maybe we need a confrontation. A confrontation you don’t want. Maybe I’ll call you right now, I’ll call you right now and see what you’re thinking.



What Breed of Conservative are You?

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It turns out the liberal breed test is a function of a political humor website. There is a companion test to see what type of conservative you are. It uses the same questions as the liberal test. The multiple choice answers are different.

Yes, there is a book, ” How to win a fight with a liberal”.
The bumper sticker answers are less imaginative.

Which bumper sticker would you most likely put on your car? 1. In Case of Rapture, This Car Will Be Unmanned 2. If You’re Gonna Burn Our Flag, Wrap Yourself in It First 3. Work Harder, Millions on Welfare Depend on You 4. Another Former Fetus for Life 5. Ted Kennedy’s Car Has Killed More People than My Gun 6. No Oil for Pacifists

PG chose number 3. There are corporate bigshots getting millions in welfare, while PG looks for a job.

Six more questions, and it is time for an answer.

You are a Free Marketeer, also known as a fiscal conservative. You believe in free-market capitalism, tax cuts, and protecting your hard-earned cash from pick-pocketing liberal socialists.



What Breed of Liberal are You?

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The word liberal is a bit shaky. It is used as an insult by radio whiners. Very few people use it as a symbol of pride.

Online quizzes have a credibility gap. The ability to interpret your personality based on multiple choice answers is suspect.

When PG saw the badge at transgriot, inviting you to see what kind of liberal you are, he took the bait. There is a certain synchronicity and simultaneity here.

The test is sponsored by a site called fight conservatives. They promote a book about winning fights with conservatives. A fight with a conservative is like a war in southeast asia….the minute you get involved, you lose. It is like arguing with an idiot…he will drag you down to his level, and beat you with experience.

The first question is a clue that this test is just a bit fishy.

1. Which bumper sticker would you most likely put on your car? 1. I’m Already Against the Next War 2. Nice Hummer—Sorry About Your Penis 3. America: One Nation Under Surveillance 4. Of Course It Hurts, You’re Getting Screwed by an Elephant 5. Evolution Is Just a Theory . . . Kind of Like Gravity 6. May the Fetus You Save Be Gay

PG is at a loss on this. He hasn’t had a bumper sticker since “Don’t blame me, I voted for McGovern”. Anything that gets attention from the police is not good. One day later, he cannot remember which one he chose.

In an impressive display of capitalism, the bumper stickers used in the question are available for sale.

The rest of the test is just as goofy. Finally, PG got to the end, and found out what kind of liberal he is.

You are a Reality-Based Intellectualist, also known as the liberal elite. You are a proud member of what’s known as the reality-based community, where science, reason, and non-Jesus-based thought reign supreme.



Mr. Holder Says

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As the corporate news mongers dutifully reported, the Attorney General, Eric Holder, made a speech this week. Transgriot has the transcript. If you read it, you probably have too much free time.

Mr. Holder knows how to work the media machine. The money quote…
Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been … essentially a nation of cowards…. is in the second paragraph. No point in making the reporters miss a deadline to get the juicy goods.
PG does not deny for a minute that there are racial problems in America. He does tend to see things from a white point of view. When it is us against them, you need to remember which one you are.

It is often said that
white people and black people need to talk to each other more. This ignores the increasing number of mixed race people, hispanics, and other groups of peoples that live between Canada and Mexico. The mixed race couples, and resulting children, are going to be a larger factor as the years wind along, and do not fall neatly into the categories of black and white.
White people and black people need to talk to each other more. PG has two more comments on this, and he will let the readers go. Short attention span is reality. The key word here is talk. This is not the same as yell. Many people seem to think that the louder they talk, the more truth their words have. This is seldom the case. When you talk to each other, it is very helpful to show respect for the other person. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOUT!!!
The other comment also centers on the word talk. White people and black people DO NOT need to talk to each other more. They need to LISTEN more.



How do you Know This ?

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One thing about the internet in the link. Double click on a link, and you are there.

If you want to show someone where you got your information, it is very, very easy to insert a link. This also allows your reader to find out more about the subject, or maybe check out the context of some comments that you quoted.

This is one way where online discourse is different from other media. On TV, you only see what the editor wants you to see, and have to take their word. In print media, the same is true, except in academic journals where footnotes are used.

If you submit a paper in school, you best show where you got your information. Plagiarism is serious business.

You would think that using links to show your information would be universal. It is so easy, and gives what you say credibility. An exception to this might be when someone says something questionable. If you ask for a link, you can expect to be insulted. This would indicate that the statement in question is not accurate.

The internet is in a wild west phase. You can say almost anything you like, and hope that people believe you. It is in your best interest to help them by showing where you got your information.



Water on my mind

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There is a lovely blog called TomDispatch. The following post  is based on a feature at this blog. In the introduction to this feature, new readers for TomDispatch were solicited. PG thinks this is a very good idea.

Many parts of the earth are in a drought
. The recent fires in Australia were in a region afflicted by drought, and higher than normal temperatures.

This reporter is not a scientist, and does not know much about climate change. The subject is controversial. Whether or not the CO2 levels in the atmosphere result in droughts is anyone’s guess.

There is a local angle to this. Atlanta is 300 miles inland , and 1000 feet above sea level. Before the mid 19th century, no one would build a city here. The water supply is the Chattahoochee River, which is just an overgrown trout stream.

We have known for years that we do not have a sufficient water supply to support the growth here. Growth is an important industry. Atlanta almost ran out of water in 2006. The development has not stopped. The powers that be have not provided alternative water supplies.

The legislature is discussing ways to help Georgia Power build a nuclear power plant. Nukes use a LOT of water.

One dry summer, and Atlanta could become a ghost town. From the look of the world around us, this is more and more likely. It might not happen this year.