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There is a post today about 10 beautiful english words. HT to the WordPress home page.
The words are:

1. adroit: dexterous, agile
2. adumbrate: to very gently suggest
3. aestivate: to summer, to spend the summer
4. ailurophile: a cat-lover
5. beatific: befitting an angel or saint
6. beleaguer: to exhaust with attacks
7. blandiloquent: beautiful & flattering
8. caliginous: dark & misty
9. champagne: an effervescent wine
10. chatoyant: like a cat’s eye

Adroit is also the first word on the list. When PG was young enough to think it was funny, he read MAD magazine. There was a poem once:

Tigers Tigers fighting bright/In the ballparks of the night
/Your pitchings fair, your fields adroit
/So why no pennant for Detroit.
A commenter at the original post begs to differ:

I take issue with the top word on your list. Adroit comes from the French word for “right”, as in “right handed”. It is the direct antonym of gauche, both in English and in its native French where it means “left”, as in “left handed”. As a non-right-hander I find both of these words to be handist and offensive.

The last time I checked, left handed was not a protected category, discrimination wise.( Oxymoron alert). The current resident of the White House is a lefty. On the minus side, fabled southpaw Sandy Koufax invested money with Bernie Madoff.

And so it goes. Two of the ten are related to cats. PG has the same attitude towards felines that cats display towards humans. PG is not dependent on Kitties for his meals.

PG would like to adumbrate that you know how to pronounce these words before using them in conversation. Mispronounced big words are not flattering to the user. Like Sheriff Taylor said about his deputy once,
“Barney tries to put his best foot forward, and then trips over it”.
Spell Check Suggestions for this feature:
aestivate- activated, activate, captivate, festival, cultivate
ailurophile- audiophile, Anglophile, bibliophile, necrophilia,
blandiloquent- grandiloquent, magniloquent, blandishment
caliginous- vertiginous, cartilaginous, mucilaginous
chatoyant- clairvoyant, eschatology, flamboyant, Chattanooga
handist- handiest
Koufax- Bouffant



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  1. Handist And Offensive | Chamblee54 said, on February 28, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    […] a post. There is always something in the archive. There were two stories in 2009 about word lists. Ten words was based on a story at YOU ARE REMARKABLE, where the last post was published November 21, 2014. […]

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