Execution Van

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It is a staple of law and order politicians. We should have public executions, in the town square. This will increase the deterrent value of the killing. Now, in China, they have the the execution van. Only six people will fit in the witness chamber.

China executes a lot of people. The usual method has been a firing squad, but now the shift to lethal injection poisoning is taking place. The United States and Singapore are the other two countries where poisoning the condemned takes place.

Poisoning is said to be more humane than shooting. It also allows for the organs of the former criminal to be recycled.

The execution van is forty feet long, and will drive up to 80 mph. It will take the efficiency of poisoning criminals into the countryside. Communities will no longer have to build a death chamber for condemned criminals. It is made by a group called “Jinguan”.
HT to JoemyG-d and USA today.



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