Nuclear Unclear Part Two

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PG sometimes comments at a facility called Peach Pundit. To gain this privilege, he had to register, and give an email address. Today, PP used that address to denounce a bill before the General Assembly. The message about the proposed legislation is included in this post. The bill in question is SB31. It would allow the Georgia Power Company to charge consumers for a nuclear power plant while the plant is under construction.
Where to begin
Nuclear Power uses a great deal of water. We can borrow money. The Federal Reserve can print money. We can…and probably will…steal money. But you can only do the first two with water. Before PG issues his two cents ( adjusted for inflation) on this matter, he needs to know which watershed this proposed nuke is going to get water from. If it is the Chattahoochee, forget it. Maybe we need to put the water up in advance, and finance the plant the way we do everything else.

The second comment is that nuclear power=big government. The vast amounts of capital, the need for regulation, and the nature of the fuel demand a prominent  role for big government. So called small government conservatives should know this.

The third comment is that maybe this is a return to fiscal sanity. A major reason for the financial meltdown we are having is an abundance of debt. Maybe if the power plant was paid for at the time it is being built, this will be less of a problem. Perhaps the bill could be amended to provide for state oversight over the construction process. As if that would help. Or, Georgia Power could just borrow more money to pay for the overruns.

The fourth comment regards the large dollar figures being tossed around here. PG remembers something a teacher told him.
“The best way to win an argument is to use statistics, and the best way to get statistics is to make them up.”



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