Water on my mind

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 19, 2009



There is a lovely blog called TomDispatch. The following post  is based on a feature at this blog. In the introduction to this feature, new readers for TomDispatch were solicited. PG thinks this is a very good idea.

Many parts of the earth are in a drought
. The recent fires in Australia were in a region afflicted by drought, and higher than normal temperatures.

This reporter is not a scientist, and does not know much about climate change. The subject is controversial. Whether or not the CO2 levels in the atmosphere result in droughts is anyone’s guess.

There is a local angle to this. Atlanta is 300 miles inland , and 1000 feet above sea level. Before the mid 19th century, no one would build a city here. The water supply is the Chattahoochee River, which is just an overgrown trout stream.

We have known for years that we do not have a sufficient water supply to support the growth here. Growth is an important industry. Atlanta almost ran out of water in 2006. The development has not stopped. The powers that be have not provided alternative water supplies.

The legislature is discussing ways to help Georgia Power build a nuclear power plant. Nukes use a LOT of water.

One dry summer, and Atlanta could become a ghost town. From the look of the world around us, this is more and more likely. It might not happen this year.



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