Nuclear Unclear Part Three

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PG checked his inbox, and there was another email from Peach Pundit about SB31. This is the bill that would allow Georgia Power to charge customers for a Nuclear Power plant while it is under construction. The email says many of the same things as this post.

Dear Peach Pundit Reader,
A state representative just called me and said, “We’re under enormous pressure to get this bill through. Leadership and the Georgia Power guys were taken by surprise by y’alls opposition and are now pushing hard.”
They are feeling the pressure. Go work the phones. Tell your state representative to oppose S.B. 31.

Be careful when you hit that link. There is an ad for some Ann Coulter product, and her face is at eye level.

My, my, my. So the power company is hiring lobbyists to pressure the legislature into giving them money to pay for their new toy. PG has mixed feelings about this. The bottom line is that
Nuclear Power=Big Government and needs to be stifled. This law would at least force the financing of this mess into the open.
On the other hand, Georgia Power is going to do what it wants to do. We might save a few bucks if we force them to do the financing, like Peach Pundit wants. On issues like this, PG has mixed feelings, and says let the legislature decide.

The nukes are going to be an expansion at Plant Vogtle. This is in Burke County, near Augusta. The Chattahoochee River Watershed will not be affected.

There is one other post at Peach Pundit that is amusing. He notes the lack of attention that SB31 has gotten in the corporate media. Maybe he doesn’t listen to the radio. They have lots of commercials from Georgia Power, and many of these commercials are rather insulting to the listener. These commercials are designed to buy protection from investigation from the corporate media. These media mongers know that if they present an unfavorable comment about SB31, then Georgia Power will buy advertising time somewhere else.



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  1. […] affair, and comes under the heading of Big Government. PG has written about this issue one, two, three, four, five six times. HT to Peach Pundit. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress […]

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