Nuclear Unclear Part Four

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SB 31 passed
in the House of Representatives 107-66. PG’s representative, Jill Chambers, voted no.

The bill is presumably on the way to the Governor’s office. It would allow the Georgia Power Company ( and other providers) to charge customers for Nuclear Power Plants while they were under construction. It was fiercely opposed by Peach Pundit and other bloggers.

There is some losing side grumbling. The fact is, Peach Pundit sent emails to it’s readers alerting them to this bill. The reputation of Peach Pundit was put on the line regarding this bill.

PG is on the Monday Morning Quarterback patrol. He notes that the well financed interests who supported this bill have been busy for a while. Peach Pundit sent out the first email eight days ago. It may have been too late to change the course by that time.

The passage of this bill will make it easier to build nuclear power plants in Georgia. The role of government will be increased, with the need to secure nuclear fuel, and watch over the enviornment. Vast amounts of capital will be invested. Solar power is once again ignored.

The growth of the Atlanta area is counted on to make this pay off. If a drought turns Atlanta into a ghost town, this power will not be needed. There is still no provision to provide other sources of water for the Atlanta area.

Nuclear Power=Big Government



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