Shock and Awe Day Number Six

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 23, 2009



Operation Iraqi Freedom is six years old. The first shock and awe day (SAD) was roughly on the Spring Equinox, 2003. Twenty four seasons have come and gone.

Some say the tide has turned, and the coalition is winning. There seems to be less random violence than before. A government is in place. On the cost side of the analysis, there is increased Iranian power, hundreds of thousands of refugees, and the American economy in tatters. That does not count the dead and wounded of all colors.

Many of us wish the sorry mess had never happened. The question is where to go from here. Troop withdrawals seem inevitable, as well as keeping an occupation force in country. There is going to be a moment of truth, where the Iraqi government is going to sink or swim on its own.

There are many other questions about the future. Iran is not the only neighbor playing power politics. There is the matter of the “Sons of Iraq”. They are people who were fighting our troops, until we put them on our payroll. Some day, they will be introduced to the American custom of the layoff. What will happen then is anyone’s  guess.

There is also the matter of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the other Stan countries. We invaded Afghanistan looking for revenge after 911.  BHO seems to be as clueless as GWB as to what to accomplish there.

Happy Shock and Awe Day.



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