Solar instead of Nukes

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PG saw a story about an online poll, “how progressive are you”. After hearing Neal Boortz mock progressive, (it might be the next liberal), this poll looked like it might be fun to check out.

The poll is sponsored by a site called “”. PG decided to look around a bit, to see what he was getting into here. There are lots of advocacy groups with misleading names. The slogan of
“Center for American Progress”…”Progressive Ideas for a Strong, Just, and Free America” … could go either red or blue. A further bit of reading seems to place this site in with the Mother Jones crowd.
A link on the home page led to a page headlined “It’s Easy Being Green: The Solar Surge in Colorado”. It seems as though Colorado has a law requiring a percentage of the commercially generated power in the state to be generated from renewable sources. People can install solar panels on their homes, and sell the excess energy back to the grid.

Recently in Georgia, there was a debate about allowing Georgia Power to bill customers for a nuclear power plant while it is being built. The implication was that nuclear power…with all of its environmental and big government problems…was the only solution available. People in Colorado have a different attitude.
Maybe if we took the billions of dollars that people are so happy to invest in nukes, and install solar panels with the money, that we could generate just as much power.



Rape Tree

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There are two features about rape this weekend on the internet. They have different angles.

The first is about “rape trees”. The setting is the US-Mexican border. We have a nation wealthy in money ( so far) next to a nation wealthy in people. The people wealth is trying to export itself to the money wealth, with controversial results.

These people try to cross the desert into the land of plenty. They are frequently treated with cruelty. At some point, women entering the northern country are raped, and their undergarments hung in trees nearby. These are known as rape trees.

The discussion in LastFreeVoice takes a skeptical view of the whole thing. There is a lot of noise about illegal immigration now. Some of what the wingnuts are saying is probably true, but not all of it. Some of the coyotes bringing in illegals probably do abuse their human product. It is a good possibility that some women are raped.

The question here is what to do about it. To make immigration tougher is going to make the players that much meaner. The authoritarian answer is more punishment and enforcement. This reporter cannot see how this is going to help the ladies being raped in the desert.



The other discussion of rape…and what the author calls not rape…is very powerful. It was written by Racialiscious. HT to transgriot for running a repeat of it, which allowed this reporter to read it.

Many women have wretched experiences. As a male, PG cannot imagine what it is like. Rape is much more that the violent act of forced sex. It is a cruel power game, that distorts the lives of millions. The ladies violated in the desert suffer just as much as the ghetto ladies Racialiscious talks about.

In the paragraph above, there is a mention of an authoritarian solution to the illegal alien solution. Is it possible that this same authoritarian power grabbing is behind some of this shabby treatment of women?
A key episode in the racialiscious story is when an acquaintance forces his way into her house, and says ” I can do whatever I want to you”. This followed:
“He pinned me in the doorway, forcing me down to the floor barely inside my apartment. Holding my arm behind my back with one hand as I struggled against him, he calmly, deliberately allowed his free hand to explore my body. He squeezed my still budding breasts, then slipped his hands down my pants, taking his time while feeling up my behind. When he was finished, he let me up, saying again, “I can do whatever I want.” After he finished his cold display of power, he walked away.”

What was this young man trying to prove to himself? That he was a man?

Is there a connection between that young man molesting that girl, and the authoritarian types who want to deport twenty million illegal aliens? Or, with the angry shouting of the Jesus Worship church? PG is not smart enough to connect the dots, but suspects there is a connection.

Until the time when people respect each other, we are going to have problems.



Certificate of Debaptism

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PG is a recovering Baptist. However, he was never baptized.

The Baptists like to pressure pre adolescent children into making a “Profession of Faith”. Every Sunday, the mob would sing “Just as I am” and the kids would walk down the aisle, shake the preachers hand, and be recruited into the Baptist way of life.

Every few weeks, the Church would fire up the Baptismal pool, and go to work. The house lights would dim, and the young Baptists were dunked in the pool.

A while back, the wiring was carelessly installed in a Baptist building. The Preacher was electrocuted when he used the microphone in the Baptismal Facility.

Now, the British have an answer. The Church of England goes for infant baptism, using the civilized sprinkle on the noggin. This is too much for some, who object to the symbolic indoctrination into the cult of Jesus Worship, made before a person is eating solid food. The Answer is “Certificate of Debaptism”.

The certificate is the work of the National Secular Society, which suggests hanging it in the loo. The various churches involved thus far decline to remove the baptized from any church records. The certificate is purely symbolic.

HT to JoeMyG-d.



Bumpter Sticker Trash

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PG was walking down Clairmont Road when he looked down on the sidewalk. Under the leaves and pine straw, there was a bumper sticker…9 11 01 we will never forget. It had red white and blue letters, with stars and stripes galore.

The attack on 911 was not a glorious moment in American history. It was an embarrassing lapse in our defense. We still don’t know what our government knew, and when they knew it. The suspicion remains that our leaders saw an opportunity to gain power, and allowed the plot to go forward,

As for never forget….this may be true, because you can’t forget what you didn’t learn. The bumper sticker was printed ( most likely abroad) on a petroleum based film. The economic dependency on oil has not been reduced. Whether or not we drill in our own territory, a percentage of that oil will come from countries that are hostile. Others pretend to be friendly, while supplying the terrorists who fly airliners into our buildings.

PG has heard that at one time, there was respect for the flag in America. Apparently this does not extend to bumper stickers styled after the flag, proclaiming the memory of a disaster.



Beverage Poll

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On this cheerful Friday the thirteenth, the world is going to hell. The economy is beyond horrible. People around the world are unhappy with their neighbors. Many people do not have the correct opinions about Jesus.

Craig, at Puntabulous, has an idea. Take a beverage poll.

1. If you could only have one non-alcoholic beverage and one alcoholic beverage for the rest of your life, which would they be?
2. If you could only have one beverage for the rest of your life non-alcoholic OR alcoholic, which would it be?
Note: Your alcoholic beverage can be any alcoholic beverage, and consist of more than one mixers/alcohols

PG is a retired drunk. On December 31, 1988, he walked to the gas station, got a six pack of Coors in the bottle, and walked home. Shortly after midnight, he finished the last bottle. He has not drank alcohol since.

One day, PG will get all AA in your face. He does feel that life works smoother without beer…in fact, if he had not quit drinking, he may very well be dead. To be fair, that is true either way.

Getting back to the beverage poll, we see that it is reduced to one question. The answer to both questions is unsweetened homemade tea. This makes PG a double heretic. He lives in Georgia, where the tea is sweet and the folks are bitter.

The cheaper the tea bag, the better the taste. Winn Dixie used to have a store brand, Fishers, which had 100 unwrapped bags for 79 cents. The best value today is the Kroger or Aldi cost cutter, and it is two something for 100 bags. When you use three bags to make a half gallon, this is not going to kill you.

Some say you should only leave the bag in the boiled water for a few minutes, or you will get a bitter taste. Many of these people put large amounts of white sugar in the tea, which covers up half the taste. PG likes the bitter taste, and so he leaves the bags in the water until it is time to make another batch, and NEVER USES SUGAR.



LostMissing number 18

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LostMissing is a public art project. The distributor is Matillda. This is chapter 18.

Tonight after the rain stopped I walked all the way up the hill to the top and it was so beautiful I could look down in three directions, the streets were already dry I guess because the rain just rolled right down them and everything was clear and still and
I realized I could never ever ever give up this time of night, beautiful deserted clear gorgeous night and then I realized maybe you’re turning 40 this year, and I wondered what that means to you so I called and left this message. But then I remembered wait, you turned 40 last year or maybe it was two years ago and it’s so strange how six months without talking to someone you’re so close to for so long makes you forget these simple things I mean I remember the date but I don’t remember how many years, and maybe that’s good because I don’t think about that kind of thing so much. From the top of the hill everything glowed and I used to live here for people like you but now I guess I live here for the views, the air blowing in cooler and fresher through the darkness. Later I was leaving the house, daytime now and I glanced into the residence hotel at the end of the block and there you were, or someone like you, taller actually but you know how when you haven’t seen someone for a while you start seeing them in other people I saw your tattoos on his arms and the cigarette in his mouth gaunt face obviously tweaking I wondered if you had gone in a different direction than I’d imagined. I mean I imagined many things, but I never imagined I’d lose you to AA. I guess drugs didn’t make you inhale a different worldview they made you forget, and then remember. I wonder what you remember now.




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1976 was two hundred years after the Declaration of Independence. That event usually considered the start of the United States of America. 1976 was the Bicentennial.

We were in the age of too much media for too little message. The manufactured event was one of the answers. The Bicentennial was a manufactured event.

If you watched tv, or read newspapers, you could not get away from this event. And, by July8, the entire thing was forgotten. People were over the Bicentennial.

There is a median strip on a road in Brookhaven. It is between Oglethorpe University and Patterson’s Funeral Home, with a Christian Church as the referee. Someone had the idea of planting bushes on this strip of land, and calling it a Bicentennial Project. Governor George Busbee came out for the Dedication.

The Bicentennial is mostly forgotten today.



No Idiot Policy

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PG called Uzi at a bit after 3, or a bit after 2, depending on how seriously you take this time change business. They agreed to meet behind the waffle house, and drive to L5P for a walk.

Driving past the pay parking lots on Moreland, the plan was to look for something free out Euclid. Before they could make the turn, they had to wait through a second light cycle. It seems like someone went into the intersection before they could clear it, and were caught by the red light. Uzi had some unkind things to say about this.

The plan was to take a leisurely stroll down Euclid, and the let Uzi get some health food at Zestos. PG went for a walk during this procedure. He was taking pictures of two dogs chained to a tree, when one started to bark. A lady with tattoos/ink all over her anatomy came outside and calmed down the animals.

PG got back to Zestos too late, and Uzi gave into temptation to order an ice cream cone. It was 4:20, and PG was four years de toxed. Life is not fair.

Proceeding down Moreland, the pair walked by the Vortex. PG did not want to challenge the no idiot policy, which was no doubt strictly enforced today. A man in the smoking bullpen was heard to say
” This is what daylight looks like”.
There was a large, festive crowd in L5P for the first warm Sunday of the new spring. The dunwoody crowd was in full shopping mode, and the skateboarders were taking no prisoners.



99 Things Part Four

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Ok, this is the last installment of this series. Promise. This is part four reviewing ” Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something”. Of course, PG has only seen about a dozen of the first 75. In the last batch, PG has seen three, and two were non you tube.

The way youtube works, there will probably be a few thousand videos posted in the time it takes to do this review. People, you want to know the truth….your cat isn’t that funny, your baby isn’t that cute, and takeoffs on gangsta rap videos are boring. Add quasi pornography with the f word bleeped out, and you eliminate a big chunk of the youtube library. What was Al Gore thinking of when he invented the internet?

PG has a puzzled look on his old loser face. Why do southern white people say fo-wer, and black people say fo? When we have our dialog on race relations, that issue should get high priority.

80 Best Man Trips is the first of the last batch that PG has seen. The concept of having a wedding in front of a swimming pool always seemed a bit esoteric. We now have evidence that this really is a bad idea…especially when the best man has started the reception before the ceremony.

YouTube is now owned by Google. There is now advertising streaming across the bottom of the image. For 82 Kitten Surprise, the message is
“Cat Urine Behavior Problems? Products and advice that really work at” The kittens are adorable.
85 La Pequena Prohibida is a return to the internet we all know and love. An insanely ugly hispanic of uncertain gender is reportedly dancing here. The appropriately numbered 86, Angry German Kid, is more of the same.

92 Most T shirts worn at once gets points for using ” The ride of the Valkyries” for the score.94 Cuppy Cakes song uses different music, but is funnier. Both actors are too big. 99 Reporter gets a fly in the mouth is a web favorite. The cuss words are not deleted, and PG has seen this.

As a reward for reading through to the end, Chamblee54 has a bonus tract.  Listen to a Georgia State Senator accused of not paying his taxes. It takes a few minutes, but is worth the wait. HT to griftdrift.



Aww Poor Legal Drug Users

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Every year it comes up. Every year it is defeated. The idea is to allow Alcohol to be sold in stores on Sunday, in Georgia.

Alcohol is legal. It is also a deadly, addictive drug. It kills more people than all illegal drugs combined.

Marijuana is illegal. It’s proven effects are much milder than alcohol. If you are caught with 420 in your possession, you not only go to jail, you can lose ownership of your car or house. If you have cannabis residue in your urine, you can lose your job.

None of these penalties are in effect for alcohol. Alcohol is legal.

Alcohol users get a sweet deal by being legal. Alcohol producers get to advertise, and buy influence in the corporate monopoly media. The corporate media wages a war on drugs except alcohol.

Alcohol users don’t appreciate their sweet deal, and whine about not being able to cop on sunday. They should appreciate the special privileges they do have.



99 Things Part Three

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Welcome to part three of the 99 internet things you are required to view. The total title is “Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something” 22 of 25 reviewed today are on youtube. PG has seen four of them.

Part three starts off…or maybe that is starts eff…with 51 “Bill O’Reilly Flips Out”. It is an old piece of video, back when his hair was brown without chemicals. Yes, he does have a temper.

52 Don’t tase me bro is another marvel of the viral age. John Kerry continues to answer the man’s question while chaos goes digital in the back of the hall. PG used to know the name of the arrested student. The F word is censored.
56 Miss Teen Age South Carolina is another classic. There is speculation that she is acting, giving a performance to get attention and kick start her modeling career. Or, maybe she really is like this. She does not say the F word, although we cannot be sure.
57 I’m f**cking Matt Damon is censored. For some reason, Funny or Die doesn’t think the internet can handle the F word. It is so, so obvious what the word is, but for some reason there is an annoying tone after the f every time. PG sincerely hopes they used protection.
68 Aussie Party A kid invites a few hundred friends over for a party when his parents are on vacation. The fuddy duddy neighbors and police get offended. The lady on TV is judgemental. And the glasses are famous. The kid appears to have a pierced nipple.

You may notice by now that only a few of the videos get mentioned in this series. 72 Asian Backstreet Boys is an example of one that deserves to be forgotten. Two asian men, in Houston Rockets tank tops, lip syncing to the Backstreet boys. This has gotten 2.3 million views. Are people that hard up for entertainment?

74 Pinky the Cat is a good one. An unsuspecting policeman holds up a cat named pinky,which is cat of the month at the animal shelter. He is likely to stay unadopted.

75 Monkey Finger Sniff is only fifteen seconds. Maybe Warhol’s fifteen minutes has been downsized to fifteen seconds. The primate does funny/disgusting things in that fifteen seconds. In today’s political climate, this will probably be seen as an insult to BHO.



Statue of Popeye Downtown

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PG is listening to a tape of Matillda reading at a bookstore. He says that his kitchen sink smells really bad, and mentions some places in San Francisco. PG goes to the yahoo page to look for the maps. Before he hits the map tab, he sees an article about Rush Limbaugh.

Mattilda has a bed that is tearing up, but he cannot return it to the store. PG thinks about how he does the sleep thing, When PG tore up his back, the only thing that worked for sleep was a foam rubber pad on the floor. When the first one wore out, he went to the Wal Mart in Tucker and got another one. This was the first thing he bought at Wal Mart, twenty years after the rest of America went Wallyhappy.

PG remembers that stream of consciousness writing is more fun to write than to read. Just put it in the yellow paragraph and no one bother.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was born in Cape Giradeau, Missouri. Cape Giradeau is the home of the man who drew the Popeye comic books. There is a statue of Popeye downtown.

PG stops by a Jesus Worship blog called twenty two words. The question of the day is “What small fears of yours are all the more dreadful because they’re inevitable?” PG wants to answer Jesus, because that is what he feels. He hesitates, because he is on good terms with the folks at twenty two words. There should be a better forum to express his fear and loathing for Jesus.

Being curious by nature…or is it nurture…PG looks at the comments about irrational fears. He learns a new word…Emetophobia, which is the fear of vomiting. PG does not fear hurling, although the taste afterwards is dreadful. There was one great comment…
“Alzheimers or dementia, I forget which?”