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Chamblee54 is not too proud to recycle posts. This one is about ugly. If you are looking for beauty, and her mouthy stepsister truth, then look elsewhere.

Beauty is skin deep. Ugly is to the bone.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ugly uses all five senses.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk: I don’t want to see you people, you are all too ugly.
Stevie Wonder: All I see are beautiful people.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk: You know, Stevie Wonder wants to make a lot of money, so he can have an operation and see.
Ray Charles: It’s crying time again.

She is so ugly, she could make a freight train take a dirt road.
He is so ugly, when he was born the doctor slapped his mother.
Is that your face, or did your neck throw up?
French for ugly is : laid m., laide f . Can we say irony?

There are some Jesus Worship blogs that PG likes to read. One of them recently made the lighthearted suggestion that ugly people were not welcome at the church of the other one. The recipient  found this to be “the deeply offensive false accusation he keeps leveling at me.”
FromTheMorning is the one standing up for the pulchritude challenged.
Pyromaniacs is the aggrieved party here. They say that ugly people “are not only welcome at my church; many of us actually participate in the ministry there”. PG believes you.

Ugly has another meaning. In fact, this is the first meaning PG heard for the U word, years before he connected it to people with unpleasant faces. It is about ugly behavior. People that are mean and cruel to each other. That is ugly.



William Mark Mize

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At 7:28 pm, April 29, 2009, William Mark Mize was pronounced dead. He was poisoned by the State of Georgia. There was no report about what he had for his final meal.

The Story is that Mr. Mize was the leader of a white supremacist group called the National Vastilian Aryan Party (NVAP). On October 15, 1994, he went camping with five others. At some point, Mr. Mize said there was a crack house in Athens that he wanted burned down.

Chris Hattrup and Eddie Tucker stopped at a convenience store to buy lighter fluid, and then went to the crack house. When they got back to the car, Mr. Hattrup said Mr. Tucker did not know what he was doing. Mr. Mize said, you know what we need to do then.

The six went into a wooded area. Mize, Hattrup, and Tucker went ahead of the other three. Two shots were heard, and there was talk heard about how Tucker was still moving. A third shot to the head was made.

In the fourteen plus years between the murder and the execution, Mr. Mize had numerous arguments why he should be freed. Mr. Hattrup has stated that he fired all three shots, a view not believed by law enforcement. A site called lawskills goes into excruciating detail about the case.

It is not certain how much deterrent value this execution will have. It is fourteen years after the murder. The white supremacist angle does not speak well of anybody involved.




Five Questions

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So, Father Tony did this interview with Andrew Holleran. There was an email exchange, where FT asked a few questions. At the end of the last question, Mr. Holleran made this observation:

p.s. These questions (above) are all so serious, it’s refreshing to know someone else cares about them, but the joke is you’re the one who should be answering them, not me!

Well, that sounded like an idea for a post. If anyone is not interested in the answers here, you can always look at the pictures.

1) What does one live for, if one doesn’t believe in god or an afterlife the quality of which is determined by our performance on earth?

PG may be the wrong person to ask this. He suspects there is a G-d, and that the world would be a happier place without her. As for life after death, that is not a good guide for life before death. Life is to be lived. Whether you are happy or sad, you are alive, and that is not being dead. Obsession with life after death is not a good foundation for a religion, either.

2) What does one live for if one is single with no foreseeable change to that status, or, single and making no effort to change that status?

PG suggests looking at answer one for this. PG has been single most of his life, and does not see it changing soon. Sometimes, he is surprised he has made it as far as he has. Regardless of what songwriters say, some people don’t do badly by themself.

3) There seemed to be happiness in your voice. What is the source of it, or did I read your voice incorrectly?

PG has been tagged with “negative attitude” for a while. He suspects that it is a bit of hype, but you learn to deal with it. After all, it is others who have to look at the face. Mr. Holleran had a good comment on this.
AH: You know there are people at Harvard and no doubt other places studying happiness. and one theory is that people have a sort of fixed temperature to which they always return, no matter what happens to them – like a thermostat.
4) I’m almost done with the two “f” decades. (I barely remember the two “t” decades.) You are in the “s” decades. What is that like? What do you hope will happen when you get out of bed?

PG is in his “f’s”. He doesn’t hope for anything when he gets out of bed. If he can make it to the restroom without an accident, that is a plus. Not getting thumped upside the head is a good thing, as is not getting arrested or admitted to a hospital. PG prefers to remember to take food off the stove before it is burned, and to turn off the gas.

5) I see that at the Literary Festival in Fort Lauderdale you’ll be reading something from work in progress. Because I won’t be there to hear it, will you tell me anything about what you are working on, or about what you will read?

You are looking at it.



Firefox From A to Z

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It started with Facebook. PG started checking the home page every few minutes, to see what his friends had posted. To get there, he would type F in the firefox browser, and a list of urls starting with F would pop up. As Country Joe used to say, Give me an F.

Then PG made a comment at Rodonline . Mr. Online  was in a bad mood, and had some harsh words for PG. To get there, PG typed R in the address bar.

PG makes use of the bookmarks feature, and collects these digital tidbits in a folder called Frequent. Yes, this post has a lot of F words, you gotta problem? This business of typing in a popular letter in the address bar is a touch easier, and PG is all about easy.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see where this is going. When A is typed into the address bar, comes up at the top. The rest of the first five is Andrew Sullivan, Atl Malcontent, Abwbwgttd, and Avitable. Archive dot org is a marvel. Literally millions of hours of material is available for download. They have embedded players on their music pages, so you can listen to something before you download.

You can’t have an A without a Z. When Z is entered into Firefox, the only thing that comes up is Zero Hedge. It seems like last September, when the Financial Story was going from bad to apocalyptic, there was a run on the Federal Reserve. Somebody was paying attention and shut down trading, or else all the money in the world would have been withdrawn from the system.

PG does not claim to understand economics. He suspects there is a lot of smoke and mirrors, driving the bells and whistles. If this video is true, the whole jabberwocky almost collapsed before our eyes. This is the end.



Test For Old People

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The following was developed as a mental age assessment by the School of Psychiatry at Harvard University. Timothy Leary was not involved. Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without a mistake. The average person over 40 years of age cannot do it!

1. This is this cat.
2. This is is cat.

3. This is how cat.
4. This is to cat.

5. This is keep cat.
6. This is an cat.

7. This is old cat.
8. This is fart cat.

9. This is busy cat.
10. This is for cat.

11. This is forty cat.
12. This is seconds cat.

Now go back and read the third word in each line from the top down.



Conferate Memorial Day

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Today is Confederate Memorial Day. It is an ancient question…how to honor the soldiers from the side that lost. They were just as valiant as the Union Soldiers. Considering the shortages of the Confederate Armies, the Rebels may have been just a bit braver.

The issue of Federalism is a defining conflict of the American experience. What powers do we give the Federal Government, and what powers do we cede to the States? The Confederacy is the product of this conflict. The Confederate States were a collection of individual states, with separate armies. This is one reason why the war turned out the way it did.

This is not a defense for slavery. The “Peculiar institution” was a moral horror. The after effects of slavery affect us today. Any remembrance of the Confederacy should know that. This does not make the men who fought any less brave.

It is tough to see the War Between the States through the modern eye. It was a different time, before many of the modern conveniences that are now considered necessities. Many say that the United States were divided from the start, and the fact the union lasted as long as it did was remarkable. When a conflict becomes us against them, the “causes” become unimportant.

The War was a horror, with no pain medicine, and little that could be done for the wounded. It took the south many, many years to recover. The healing continues in many ways today. Remembering the sacrifices made by our ancestors helps.



The First Hundred Days

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The first hundred days of a presidency is a landmark. At this point, POTUS gets a report card. BHO is approaching this point. The grades he gets at this point depend on the scorekeeper. Democrats seem pleased, and Repubs are buying tea bags.

PG decided that a look at the last few presidents is instructive. John Kennedy tried to invade Cuba in his first hundred days, with disastrous results. Lyndon Johnson watched The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. ( This report is based on PG’s memory. It should not be used as a reference for scholastic purposes).

Richard Nixon moved into the White House. Gerald Ford gave a pardon to Mr. Nixon. Jimmy Carter was portrayed by Dan Ackroyd.

Moving into the eighties, Ronald Reagan got shot in his first hundred days. George HW Bush talked to a rehab center about his son. Bill Clinton tried to get gay people accepted for military duty. George W Bush ignored reports about Saudi students in pilot schools.

PG declines to have an opinion about BHO at this point. The first dog, Bo, made an impressive debut, as did wife Michelle. BHO arguably has worse problems than any of the eight prezzes listed above. How he deals with them is how history will view him.




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There is a new superstar on youtube. His “real” name is a mystery. His handle is “Jesusophile”. Chris Crocker, your fifteen minutes are over.

The consensus is that Jesusophile is a put on. He does say some outrageous things.
“if you fired all the priests who were pedophiles, there wouldn’t be a lot of priests left”. This is at the six minute mark of the embedded video.
It is the year 2009. In the sixties, there was a movie, “2001 A Space Odyssey”. It is now eight years after 2001, the year that gave us 911. Somehow, this isn’t what we thought the future would look like.



Thirteen Thoughts About Torture

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Two of the everyday reads here, Andrew Sullivan and Kikoshouse, are all over this torture business. Go to either site, and you will see much more than you want to know. PG is trying to sort it all out. Maybe a top ten list will do the trick. Publishing it in rainbow colors will make it seem a little less horrible.

1- BHO doesn’t seem to want to do anything. The sense here is that BHO is not morally opposed to torture, and may want to use some of these methods before long. Being a product of Chicago politics does not speak well for his moral compass.
2- The United States has never been that morally superior. We did terrible things to native Americans, and imported a dark skinned population from Africa to enslave. In our most recent wars, there have been civilian casualties galore. In World War II, hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed in air raids. In Vietnam the numbers were much higher, and we used a truly horrible concoction called napalm.

3- The School of the Americas is at Fort Benning. ( It has a different name now, and allegedly a more human focus). For many years, this school for Latin American authority figures taught methods of advanced interrogation.
4- While there were excesses on the battlefield, it does seem like the American military had some restraint about torturing prisoners of war. This frontier seems to have been breached during the Bush regime.

5- There is some controversy now about whether to prosecute Bush Administration officials…and possibly W himself…for war crimes. PG thinks this would be a very good move. It will put BHO and future regimes on notice that torture is not acceptable to citizens of the United States.
6- Two Wrongs do not make a right. While 911 was horrible, that does not give our forces the right to stoop to the level of those we fight. Christopher Buckley usually has a bit of sense, but he goes all out with rhetoric along these lines.

7- In the seventies and eighties, frustration over illegal drug use led to a “War on Drugs”. Many terrible laws were passed, many constitutional rights were destroyed, and the majority of Americans did not care. If a person was labeled a drug user, the bill of rights no longer applied to him. Today, substitute “Terrorist” for “Drug User”, and the story repeats itself. Many people do not care if rights are taken away from others, as long as a terrible label is applied to that other. It never seems to occur to these people that they might be next.
8- When you torture someone, he is going to tell you what you want to hear. It probably will not be useful information. It is being revealed that almost no information gotten from tortured prisoners was worthwhile. If the bomb is going off in an hour, you don’t want to go on a wild goose chase.
9- The Vice President seems to have been the person pushing for the use of torture. The Vice President should go to funerals and building dedications, and not make policy. He should not be in a position to degrade America in the manner that Mr. Cheney did.

10- There seems to be a pecking order in the value of human life. White native born Americans have the most value, followed, in some order or another, by Black Americans, foreign born people, Asians and Arabs It seems like the Arabs are almost considered sub human. This may be a function of Islam vs Jesus Worship, and years of incendiary propaganda by Israel. There seems to be an attitude that torturing Arabs is all right, because they aren’t as human as us.
11- It is said that a reason for the attacks on America…ala 911…was that “they hate our way of life”. In the wake of 911, we have lowered our standards, and resorted to tactics that would not have been used before. If the goal of Al Queda was to destroy our way of life, then, by inducing us to lower our standards about torture, then AL QUEDA HAS SUCCEEDED.

12- It seems likely that the Democrats in Congress knew about the torture. This is one reason why they are not eager to press for an investigation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a doozy of a quote:”I think it would be very unwise, from my perspective, to start having commissions, boards, tribunals, until we find out what the facts are. And I don’t know a better way of getting the facts than through the Intelligence Committee,”.
13- There has been a lot of talk about waterboarding. What other methods were used? Why is there such an emphasis on waterboarding?

The call for the prosecution of W is in the yellow section. Maybe PG won’t get labeled “Terrorist” after all. Jail to the chief. So there you have it. Thirteen lucky thoughts for a Friday. Two cents doesn’t buy what it used to.



Listen Part Two

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PG is on the email list of Allen Hunt. Mr. Hunt is a radio whiner, who used to be a Minister. He still talks about religion, whenever and wherever.
The message yesterday was about
“3 simple things you can to do grow forward in your faith life. “ The three items are read, pray, and talk. The reader(s) of this blog should know what is coming next.
“I recieved your letter about three words to improve your “faith life” I don’t have a problem with reading. I think more than five pages a day is indicated. I also think that any book..not just religious books…will be beneficial. Even if all you do is enjoy your reading, you have done something worthwhile.
The second two words…pray and talk…are way, way overrated. Jesus worshipers talk too much and listen too little. When you talk, you need to pay attention to your audience. You need to have the trust and respect of this person. You need to shut up and listen when it is their turn to talk.

Prayer is talking to G-d. Meditation is listening to G-d. Our culture does not value listening, and this is a serious problem.

A few days ago, an 11 year old in Stone Mountain grew tired of the abuse of his classmates, and committed suicide. How many of those bully children were Jesus Worshipers? How many of those preachers shout angry messages to those children? How many of those children were taught to hate gay people in their churches? I don’t see any of your messages about these issues.

The inability of Jesus Worshipers to quit their wonderful talking and listen to others is one of the biggest problems in our society. Your message…encouraging people to talk, after they read their five pages a day… makes the problem worse.”

To his credit, Mr. Hunt did reply.
” If we do not talk with each other, how do we grow?”
” by listening”
” If no one is talking, no one can listen “
” don’t worry there will always be someone who wants to talk…Right now, the focus of the Jesus Woship church should be toning down the anger and the shouting, reducing the level of venom in the church, before we lose any more 11 year old boys to suicide.”
Mr. Hunt did not reply to this last message. HT on the video to Captains Dead. The lady should have listened.



Opie Made Another Movie

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In case you have been under a rock, Opie is a busy moviemaker. He has a feature out in May called “Angels and Demons”. It stars Forrest Gump.

A man named William Donohue wrote a thing, published by the New York Daily News. The letter said :
“the tag team of Dan Brown and Ron Howard have collaborated in smearing the Catholic Church with fabulously bogus tales.” Mr. Donohue is President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.
When you see the online version of the Daily News piece, there is an ad for a wireless phone company. A cow waves animated ears, and the headline reads
” How can a COW help make sure your wireless calls get through?” No word on whether the COW is Catholic.
Opie responded to this publicity for his film by getting more publicity for his film. He was featured in Huffington Post, saying that his flick was just an adventure movie set in Rome. Rumors of a payment to Mr. Donohue, for his help in publicizing the film, were not addressed.



This Did Not Need to Happen

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PG got wound up today about a report involving super glue eight time zones away. Meanwhile, an 11 year old man, who stayed a few exits down the perimeter, hung himself.

The story was that the other kids at school gave him a tough time. “They called him gay and a snitch,” his stepfather said.

Jaheem Herrera was from St. Croix in the American Virgin Islands. The picture shows that he had light skin. Dunaire Elementary School is on South Indian Creek Road in Stone Mountain. The area is predominantly African American.

PG does not know any of the kids who bullied Mr. Herrera. He suspects that many are Jesus Worshipers. The Jesus Worship Church has preachers that verbally abuse the congregation. The Jesus Worship Church has a book which teaches the hatred of homosexuals. They call it “The Word of G-d”.

The Jesus Worship Church has a phrase…”shame the devil”. PG wonders if “devil” was one of the things Mr. Herrera was called, along with gay and snitch. He looked different than his abusers, and was from a different place.

PG worked for seven years with a professional Jesus Worshiper. He clearly remembers the time that “Pastor” streaked in front of him.

“Pastor” shouted down and humiliated PG one day, in the name of Jesus. After the mugging was over, “Pastor” got a phone call. He picked up the phone and screamed “I never felt better in my life”.

Jesus Worship is an aggressive, angry business. Sometimes the results are fatal.