Opie Made Another Movie

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In case you have been under a rock, Opie is a busy moviemaker. He has a feature out in May called “Angels and Demons”. It stars Forrest Gump.

A man named William Donohue wrote a thing, published by the New York Daily News. The letter said :
“the tag team of Dan Brown and Ron Howard have collaborated in smearing the Catholic Church with fabulously bogus tales.” Mr. Donohue is President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.
When you see the online version of the Daily News piece, there is an ad for a wireless phone company. A cow waves animated ears, and the headline reads
” How can a COW help make sure your wireless calls get through?” No word on whether the COW is Catholic.
Opie responded to this publicity for his film by getting more publicity for his film. He was featured in Huffington Post, saying that his flick was just an adventure movie set in Rome. Rumors of a payment to Mr. Donohue, for his help in publicizing the film, were not addressed.



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