Listen Part Two

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on April 23, 2009



PG is on the email list of Allen Hunt. Mr. Hunt is a radio whiner, who used to be a Minister. He still talks about religion, whenever and wherever.
The message yesterday was about
“3 simple things you can to do grow forward in your faith life. “ The three items are read, pray, and talk. The reader(s) of this blog should know what is coming next.
“I recieved your letter about three words to improve your “faith life” I don’t have a problem with reading. I think more than five pages a day is indicated. I also think that any book..not just religious books…will be beneficial. Even if all you do is enjoy your reading, you have done something worthwhile.
The second two words…pray and talk…are way, way overrated. Jesus worshipers talk too much and listen too little. When you talk, you need to pay attention to your audience. You need to have the trust and respect of this person. You need to shut up and listen when it is their turn to talk.

Prayer is talking to G-d. Meditation is listening to G-d. Our culture does not value listening, and this is a serious problem.

A few days ago, an 11 year old in Stone Mountain grew tired of the abuse of his classmates, and committed suicide. How many of those bully children were Jesus Worshipers? How many of those preachers shout angry messages to those children? How many of those children were taught to hate gay people in their churches? I don’t see any of your messages about these issues.

The inability of Jesus Worshipers to quit their wonderful talking and listen to others is one of the biggest problems in our society. Your message…encouraging people to talk, after they read their five pages a day… makes the problem worse.”

To his credit, Mr. Hunt did reply.
” If we do not talk with each other, how do we grow?”
” by listening”
” If no one is talking, no one can listen “
” don’t worry there will always be someone who wants to talk…Right now, the focus of the Jesus Woship church should be toning down the anger and the shouting, reducing the level of venom in the church, before we lose any more 11 year old boys to suicide.”
Mr. Hunt did not reply to this last message. HT on the video to Captains Dead. The lady should have listened.



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