Firefox From A to Z

Posted in The Internet by chamblee54 on April 28, 2009



It started with Facebook. PG started checking the home page every few minutes, to see what his friends had posted. To get there, he would type F in the firefox browser, and a list of urls starting with F would pop up. As Country Joe used to say, Give me an F.

Then PG made a comment at Rodonline . Mr. Online  was in a bad mood, and had some harsh words for PG. To get there, PG typed R in the address bar.

PG makes use of the bookmarks feature, and collects these digital tidbits in a folder called Frequent. Yes, this post has a lot of F words, you gotta problem? This business of typing in a popular letter in the address bar is a touch easier, and PG is all about easy.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see where this is going. When A is typed into the address bar, comes up at the top. The rest of the first five is Andrew Sullivan, Atl Malcontent, Abwbwgttd, and Avitable. Archive dot org is a marvel. Literally millions of hours of material is available for download. They have embedded players on their music pages, so you can listen to something before you download.

You can’t have an A without a Z. When Z is entered into Firefox, the only thing that comes up is Zero Hedge. It seems like last September, when the Financial Story was going from bad to apocalyptic, there was a run on the Federal Reserve. Somebody was paying attention and shut down trading, or else all the money in the world would have been withdrawn from the system.

PG does not claim to understand economics. He suspects there is a lot of smoke and mirrors, driving the bells and whistles. If this video is true, the whole jabberwocky almost collapsed before our eyes. This is the end.



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