William Mark Mize

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At 7:28 pm, April 29, 2009, William Mark Mize was pronounced dead. He was poisoned by the State of Georgia. There was no report about what he had for his final meal.

The Story is that Mr. Mize was the leader of a white supremacist group called the National Vastilian Aryan Party (NVAP). On October 15, 1994, he went camping with five others. At some point, Mr. Mize said there was a crack house in Athens that he wanted burned down.

Chris Hattrup and Eddie Tucker stopped at a convenience store to buy lighter fluid, and then went to the crack house. When they got back to the car, Mr. Hattrup said Mr. Tucker did not know what he was doing. Mr. Mize said, you know what we need to do then.

The six went into a wooded area. Mize, Hattrup, and Tucker went ahead of the other three. Two shots were heard, and there was talk heard about how Tucker was still moving. A third shot to the head was made.

In the fourteen plus years between the murder and the execution, Mr. Mize had numerous arguments why he should be freed. Mr. Hattrup has stated that he fired all three shots, a view not believed by law enforcement. A site called lawskills goes into excruciating detail about the case.

It is not certain how much deterrent value this execution will have. It is fourteen years after the murder. The white supremacist angle does not speak well of anybody involved.




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