Joe Pyne

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PG did a bit of research on a person (Harry Hay), and saw a comment on Wikipedia that Mr. Hay had been a guest on the Joe Pyne Show. This got PG to thinking about Joe Pyne.

The Joe Pyne show was on Atlanta on channel 11, at 11:30 Saturday night. Many guests were unusual characters. Mr. Pyne was rude to his guests, telling them to “gargle with razor blades”, among other things.

Mr. Pyne had a wooden leg. The lower part of his left leg was amputated in 1955 because of cancer. He was a marine in World War 2, and was wounded in the same leg.
Once, Frank Zappa was on the show. Mr. Pyne asked if his long hair made him a girl. Mr. Zappa replied by asking if Mr. Pyne’s wooden leg made him a table. This may be an urban legend.

Georgia Governor Lester Maddox was a guest on the show in 1969. The Governor was offended by Mr. Pyne, and walked off the show. The next guest called himself Culious Jeezer, and claimed to have been alive during the Roman Empire.

PG saw another episode of the JPS. People wearing masks discussed being “swingers”. Mr. Pyne was respectful to them

Joe Pyne was an enthusiastic cigarette smoker. The cameras showed him puffing, which is not done today. ( Has anyone seen a picture of Barack Obama smoking?). He developed lung cancer, and died March 23, 1970. The rumor that he was buried in a pine box is unconfirmed.



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