Victory Day

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The Boston Globe has a site called “The Big Picture“. It features photographs, printed at high resolution. Today the subject is something called “Victory Day“.

This is celebrated in Russia on May 9. This is the end of the war with Germany in 1945. The Soviet Union lost over 20 million people in that war. The United States, which fought on two fronts, lost 400 thousand, almost all military. The Soviets lost millions of civilians.

World War Two was largely fought on Soviet soil. The Nazis killed, and killed, and killed some more. The only thing to stop them was to kill back, which the Soviets did.

All the countries that participated in World War Two suffered, but none quite like the Soviets. In Ukraine, the Germans were initially greeted as liberators. Once the Ukraine got to know the Germans, they learned they needed to resist.

The Western Front started on D Day forced the Germans to divert troops from the Russian War. The United States gave arms and supplies to the Russians. However, it was the Russian people who did the heavy lifting in that war. The allies probably would not have won without them.

PG grew up in Georgia (American), roughly one hundred years after the War Between the States. Atlanta was the scene of some heavy fighting. The impact of having a war fought on your home turf is much greater than fighting across an ocean. PG looks at the impact a 19th century war had on his home, and can only imagine what impact a much bloodier, more recent war, would have on Russia.

After the hot war came the cold war. The Soviet Union was our enemy, and the excuse to maintain a large military. Many of the contributions made by the Soviets in the struggle against Germany have been forgotten. Indeed, in the comments at the Big Picture, some people are still fighting communism, and bad mouth the excesses of the Soviet Union. These people seem to forget the hundreds of thousands of German civilians killed by American air raids.

For better or worse, the struggle against the Nazis is one of the defining events of the world we live in. Whatever problems exist in today’s America, we cannot help but be better off than if the Nazis had won the war. And, if not for the sacrifices of the Russian people, the Nazis might have won.



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