No American Idol Here

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Nibras Kazimi is a visiting scholar at the Hudson Institute in New York. He writes a blog, Talismangate. It is mostly about Iraq, and the mess it is in.

Wednesday, he posted about President Obama. It seems like BHO is going to make a speech to the Muslim world in June. He has chosen Cairo as the site. Mr. Kazimi does not think this is a good choice. The reasoning behind this teaches PG a few things. Of course, almost anything about the Arab world is news to PG.

The line in the west is that Cairo is a leading city in the Muslim world. According to Mr. Kazimi, this is not quite the case. The importance of Cairo is largely a product of British propaganda, during the time that Egypt was part of the British Empire. Another black eye for Egypt is the peace treaty with Israel, which was evident during the siege of Gaza last year. To many, Egypt is an ally of Israel.

Damascus was suggested as another site for this speech. There are problems. The ruling regime in Syria is brutal, even by middle east standards. It is the sworn enemy of Israel, which would not play well with BHO’s supporters back home. On the Israel issue, BHO is going to upset someone no matter what he does. The good news is, Syria has taken in many refugees from the war in Iraq…many, many more than the United States.

Mecca would be a good site for this speech, if BHO was not an infidel. President O is viewed with suspicion in the Muslim world, especially with the escalation of the war in AfPak. It is ironic that many in America still believe BHO is a Muslim. BHO has his work cut out for him, both at home and abroad.

Talismangate is an excellent source of information and confusion. You will read things  that are not even hinted  in the American corporate media. The English speaking reader will find many of the names difficult to fathom. (Nibras Kazimi is one of the easier ones) Every time PG reads an Iraqi Blog, he is a bit more confused. America has started something that will be very difficult to finish.



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