Decatur Arts Festival

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Uzi came by PG’s house about 230 on sunday afternoon. While walking out the door, PG saw a pot of noodles on the stove. It had cooked too long and gotten mushy, but PG caught it before it burned. Life is made of little victories.

The destination was the Dickhater Decatur Arts Festival. The ride down Clairmont was very familiar to PG. This contrasted to Uzi, who hadn’t been there in twenty years. There is an old A&P on North Decatur Road, which is now a mattress store. In one of its lives, it was a concert hall, and PG saw Loudon Wainwright III there. Uzi thinks Loudon Wainwright is depressing.

The Arts Festival was a series of booths, and a couple of performance stages. A children’s stage was in use when PG walked by. The performer lady told the kids to cover their eyes, while she put down her guitar and produced a jews harp. A man with a yarmulke was sitting in an aisle seat beside PG.

The crowd at the fest was a predictable mix. Uzi had been commenting on young men with small children, how they look like they came out of a catalog. There was an example of three of that.

After walking around the courthouse a couple of times, it was time to go eat. The original destination was the Piccadilly on Church Street, but as he pulled into the parking lot, PG noticed a Captain D’s. The Captain D’s on Buford Hiway and Sandy Springs were long gone, and missed. A styrofoam plate of grease and fish was in front of PG before he knew what hit him.




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  1. Cecile Long said, on November 2, 2009 at 2:53 am

    What was the name of the concert hall that was at the location where the mattress store is now? I have forgotten. Fish and grease from Captain D’s–the place is much too close to where I live. Actually, I resist most of the time, but occasionally, I have a hankering for fish and grease. I do not, however, ever have a hankering for the service offered by this particular Captain. Service is frequently exceedingly slow.

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