The Neal Boortz Quota

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on May 27, 2009



Every Wednesday morning, a copy of the Dunwoody Neighbor arrives in PG’s driveway. PG has never paid for a copy, and if he did he would be very foolish. The Neighbor Newspapers are ad rags, and serve a need in the community. The news features between the ads are mostly about Dogs and Schools. If you want hard hitting investigative reporting, you can go… well, somewhere.

On the editorial page of the DN is a man named Dick Yarbrough. Mr. Yarbrough was at Bell South for a while, then he had something to do with the Olympics. PG always seeks out his column. Last week, it was about a preacher who prayed for rain at the State Capital. This was during a drought, and the Governor thought praying for rain would be a good photo opportunity. These days, Atlanta gets rained on every day. Mr. Yarbrough thinks it is because of Rev. Prayforrain and his demonstration 19 months ago.

Sometimes though, Mr. Yarbrough makes the cost of the paper worthwhile. It takes a lot of effort to walk down the driveway, pick up the plastic bag, walk uphill to the house, pull the newspaper out of the bag, and find the editorial page. After all that work, PG needs to sit down and rest.

But today, the headline of the weekly Dick Yarbrough made it all worthwhile
” ‘Talkmaster’ Neal Boortz all that — all talk. ” It seems that Mr. Yarbrough was listening to one of Neeyull’s rants about “Government Schools”. Soon after, he had a head spinning discussion about economics with his grandson. The grandson was a product of government schools. A proposal was made for a debate between the Radio Whiner and the Government Educated Grandson. The debate never happened.
This is in character for Neal Boortz. He enthusiastically supports our “War against Islamic Terror”. He was prime draft age during the Vietnam War, and did not find it convenient to participate.



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