The Reality Check Is In The Mail

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The subject of todays round table is reality.
The first stop on this bumpy road was kikoshouse. PG saw a feature there about the US Army. It seems that at Fort Campbell, there is a problem with soldiers committing suicide. (Any Jihadist reading this can go find your own blow uppers.) The commander of the 101st Airborne Division is a take charge type, Brig. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend. He, in so many words, ordered the soldiers to stop killing themselves.
“If you don’t remember anything else I say in the next five or 10 minutes, remember this — suicidal behavior in the 101st on Fort Campbell is bad. It’s bad for soldiers, it’s bad for families, bad for your units, bad for this division and our army and our country and it’s got to stop now. Suicides at Fort Campbell have to stop now.”
At the other end of the life cycle, there is the teenage abstinence program. The poster girl is Bristol Palin. Yes, the same Bristol who fornicated in her parents house. The same Bristol who had her baby, and broke up with the babydaddy, with numerous hard feelings. Some people find this not real. And who is caring for baby Tripp while Mama Bristol talks up abstinence?

There is a blog called TwentyTwoWords. The idea is to express yourself in under 22 words. Some people obey this rule. The concept today was
“Is a blog with comments somehow a truer blog than those that have comments off? Occasionally, I encounter the opinion online that a blog isn’t a real blog if it doesn’t have comments. What do you think?”
The first comment was by Chamblee54.
“Not knowing what real means, I consulted Wiktionary. Adjective #7… That is an exemplary or pungent instance of a class or type” 21 words, one number, and the pound sign.
At this point, PG went to the mailbox, and found a check in the mail. It was a reality check. When he took it to the bank, it was rejected for having insufficient funds.




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