Religion On A Sunny Day

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on May 30, 2009



The rain finally stopped, the sun came out, and Atlanta Georgia is a lovely, lovely place. What better time to write about religion?

PG found a thingie on the internet today. It is a list of twenty reasons why the person at BEattitude  is no longer  a Jesus Worshiper. It has 331 comments. Does anyone the time them all?

The man is in what you might call phase one post Jesus. He sees things in terms of the Christian Experience. The further you get from Jesus Worship, the more you see that Jesus is not the only game in town.

The free for all going on in the comments thread is much more pleasant in digital form. In person, you would have 300 people interrupting and screaming at each other. Some think that the louder you talk, the more truth your words have.

The symbolism of the cross is rather distasteful. A cross was a method of capital punishment, and a rather gruesome method at that. If Jesus were to be offed in prison today, would future generations worship a syringe?

Whenever you hear the word G-d, the word Believe is not far behind. The two seem to go together. PG wonders if belief is really the proper way to “know” G-d. Remember, the middle three letters of beLIEve is LIE.



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  2. liberatedself said, on May 31, 2009 at 2:50 am

    haha, i’m sure that would of been entertaining and it is kind of sad about what you refer to as canned entertainment. I agree though, I use to listen to mp3 players on my walk around campus when I was in the middle of semester. This was around the time before i started actually delving into religious philosophy at all and slow i grew away from it because i realize how detached you are from Reality when you’re in your own reality.

    Now I definitely go on walks, with maybe a book of parables and then God. Because everything exists within the Absolute its so hard to miss the Absolute yet so many people are always looking for him when all you need to do is just look.

    So blessings to those that can truly hear a bird sing and blessings for those who have yet to wake up. I’m not sure which category i fall under but I don’t really mind either category all I know is that I Am and that I can’t possibly know what is ineffable when it comes to the Absolute in words.

    Best blessings to you. :)

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