Take The Bus Today

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PG was driving down fifth street, when he saw a line of firetrucks and ambulances. He turned on the radio, and WSB interrupted Neal Boortz to announce that a parking deck had collapsed on Spring Street. PG found a place to park, and started over to the scene.

A man saw the helicopters and general confusion, and asked what happened. PG said a parking deck collapsed, over behind LA fitness. The man said he usually parks there, but took the bus today.
The deck was not on Spring, but behind a fenced off vacant lot. The fence was as close as PG was going to get.

There were lots of people standing around, many of them talking on cell phones. A man with binoculars, claiming to look for survivors, made smart comments about the people taking pictures. PG decided he was talking to someone else.

You could not tell much from 75 yards away. A policeman was encouraging people to get on the other side of Spring Street, and PG decided he had seen all he was going to see. PG did not want to see bodies carried out of the garage.




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  1. Cecile Long said, on November 2, 2009 at 3:10 am

    I would not have wanted to see bodies taken from the garage. I can’t remember whether there were injuries or deaths in this garage collapse. It was a good day to take the bus.

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