Trouble For Annette Kesting

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PG and Uzi were rapidly running out of places to go walking on Sunday afternoon. There is a nature preserve behind the old Briarcliff High School, and it won the honor for today.

The loudmouth Harvard Professor was discussed. If he wasn’t an academic superstar, he would still be in jail. PG talked about people he has known who have anger control issues, and totally lose control when they lose control. Smarting off to a policeman…especially one who is at your house because of a presumed burglary…is just not a good idea. BHO did not look good either.

PG had printed a map of the nature preserve, which somehow vanished before it could be used. When they got to the location, they drove past the stadium, to a park with a swimming pool. There was a road going away from there, that turned into a dirt road. PG found a shaded spot and parked the car.

The preserve was not very big, and had a couple of dirt roads with concrete curbs. It looked like it had been slated for development, and somehow left behind. The roads led to trails, which were overgrown with weeds. PG and Uzi were both wearing short pants, and reluctant to explore areas likely to contain poison ivy and chiggers. It was agreed that this area would be best explored in cooler weather.

After leaving park number one, PG suggested they go by Mason Mill Park. After making a wrong turn and going around the block, PG found the parking lot behind the tennis courts. They went down to the Railroad tracks, and went walking down the tracks for a ways. This led to nothing, and the explorers went back towards the starting point. PG found an opening in the undergrowth, and they walked back into the forest.

The wild area at Mason Mill Park used to be a county water works. There is a collection of abandoned buildings. The grafitti painters have discovered them. PG had been there a few months ago, but saw a brand new collection of images on the buildings.

After all this adventure, PG and Uzi needed to come back down a bit. The S&S cafeteria served this purpose, along with usual fried chicken and turnip greens. PG was surprised to learn that man places outside the south do not routinely serve greens. He paid his bill, and made it home before the rain started.





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