Acting Stupidly

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PG got an email from blogger central last night. If he does not produce 500 words on Gatesgate by sundown monday, his blogging license is in jeopardy.

PG, like BHO, really doesn’t know what he is talking about here. There are contradictions on top of confusion, and shouting where there should be listening. This is typical of white black relations in America.

Today the 911 tape was released. The police report is also in the public realm. It turns out the neighbor did not know the men trying to break into the house were black. In fact, she thought one of them was hispanic. Many talkers have said that if it was not black men, then the 911 call would not have been made.

PG will not deal with the issue of whether or not the police should have arrested Mr. Gates. The officer had to make that call on the spot. The policeman had responded to a report of a potential burglary. His life was in danger…some burglars carry a 9mm i.d. The man he met at the house was “uncooperative”. The officer had to make the call on the spot. Those who criticize this decision are monday morning quarterbacks.

Mr. Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct, and the charges were dropped. If the charges were being a jerk, then he would be looking at a court date. The police, at great risk, answered a burglary call at the home of Mr. Gates. The response of Mr. Gates was to go off on the policeman, call him a racist, and insult his mother. This is the action of a jerk.

The charges against Mr. Gates were dropped. While on one level he did not do anything wrong, people who go off on police get arrested all the time. PG suspects that if he were to shout down a police officer, and be arrested, that the charges would not be quickly dropped. Being an academic superstar at Harvard has privileges.

This does not make Harvard University look good. Mr. Gates is a superstar professor there. The incident took place at a house owned by the University. This will not be a problem for very long, as institutions like Harvard know how to play the PR/damage control game. Their prestige and fundraising will not be affected.

This also makes BHO look foolish. He clearly did not know the facts. By making his comment, BHO got more attention focused on this matter. Ultimately, this is going to work against Mr. Gates. Today saw the release of the 911 tape, which showed that the neighbor was not motivated by race. The more this stays in the public eye, the worse Mr. Gates is going to look. Could it be that BHO is the one who “acted stupidly”?

PG is going to leave his reader(s) with a question…If you went off on a policeman, and were arrested, would the charges be quickly dropped?




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