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A few days ago, Chamblee54 posted a story about Ben Rothlisberger. As even ESPN is reporting now, the gentleman is being sued because of an incident at a casino last year. PG found out about the story at a blog called “yesmeansyes“. The post was written by jaclynfriedman ( that is copied off the original post).

PG left a comment at YMY. It stayed up for a few days, with the note that “your comment is awaiting moderation”. When PG visited the blog today, his comment had been deleted.

On July 28, YMY posted a story about the negative comments she received. There was a reply to these comments. She used FAIL in all caps a lot, which seems to be the trendy thing to do.

It should be noted that a blog owner has the right to delete comments, for any reason. PG was banned by a Jesus Worship blog after saying Good Grief. ( There is  more to that story, but the bottom line was a personal quarrel) Back to YMY, if Ms. Friedman wants to delete a comment, it is her business. Posting a response to the deleted comments in a separate post is unusual, and is really a compliment to those involved.

The first time PG heard the word blog, the writer was talking about Andrew Sullivan. ( Back then it was a “vanity webpage”). Mr. Sullivan is still a leader, admired and condemned in roughly equal measure. He wrote a post once on “Why I Blog“. The money quote:
“Rudeness, in any case, isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a blogger. Being ignored is. Perhaps the nastiest thing one can do to a fellow blogger is to rip him apart and fail to provide a link.”
Ms. Friedman may not agree, but the commenters who disagree are doing her a favor. It shows that they are paying attention. In a comment thread, the readers who agree with you can defend you. Often, the comment thread is the best part of a post, with a lively dialog. This is not going to happen if you delete  the comments that disagree.

Now, for the specifics. Here is the comment from Chamblee54.
“What if Mr. Roethlisberger is innocent? What if the lady is lying? If he was not a high profile celebrity, would anyone care? This rush to assume guilt is another part of “rape culture”.
Unfamiliar with the concept “rape culture” FAIL. Also, false rape claims happen no more frequently than other false claims of violent crimes – about 2-8% of the time. So we can be at least 92% confident that she’s telling the truth, which certainly makes her allegations worth considering, which is all we’re doing here. Plus, y’all are working overtime everywhere else on the web asserting how sure you are she is lying, so counteracting that with some confidence in her here – not gonna apologize. FAIL.

1- The phrase “rape culture” is not a registered trademark. Yes, women are exploited and abused. But many can give as good as they take. Do men get hurt in this game playing? Do women make false claims when there is a big payoff awaiting them? Do lawyers of both genders egg them on in anticipation of a fat payday? This is all “rape culture”.

2- You should lay off saying FAIL in all caps.

3- Do you have any backup on this claim that false rape claims happen “about 2-8% of the time”? You can lie with numbers just like you can lie with words. How were these numbers compiled? How dependable is the raw data? How were these numbers tweaked by a statistician? Who did the study? What effect does big money have on the accuracy of rape claims?
PG suspects that the researcher would be horrified to see you claim that there is a 92% chance that the accuser is correct.
4- Who is “Y’all”? This is the only comment that Chamblee54 has made on this matter. Your blog was where Chamblee54 learned about this matter, with an assist from the WordPress home page.
No one is asking you to apologize.

Spell Check Suggestions For This Feature:
yesmeansyes- meanness, meaningless, gamesmanships, besmears, eyestrains.
blog- blot, blob, blow, slog, flog, log





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  2. Uncutbutch said, on July 29, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    God knows I love ya and I’m simply voicing my opinion that this Gates arrest is in the news for a very good reason that the mindless sheep in Amerika today fail to see. This isn’t about “to serve and protect” from the police. This is a pissing match between egos and demonstrates the position of the quasi-military police toward the total population. Drop the race bullshit and look at the testosterone reality. This man, Gates, jerk that he may be, was arrested in his own home after providing evidence of residency to the hormone driven kangaroo court of the police on the scene. We have rights to free speech and Mr Gates rights are violated, the privacy of his home is violated and the character, or lack thereof, of all parties defined.

    I would be grateful for a watchful neighbor.

    I am embarrassed by the police comportment and the officer deserves reprimand. Mr Gates can be a jerk in his own home as long as there is no threat to himself, another or the public safety. Why did the police officer engage in the bruhaha? The police man identifies a clear training opportunity and demand for “attitude adjustment” from our civil servants…

    It’s not about race. It’s about police attitude, actions and bullying to enforce the arrogant, testosterone driven, quasi-military police asshole hell bent on demonstrating his power. Krystal nacht is one step closer.

    • chamblee54 said, on July 29, 2009 at 2:32 pm

      Hey neighbor, thanks for stopping by.
      I think you may have been commenting on the post from a monday. The post today is about a grammar challenged lady with an agenda. There are duelling egos involved in both instances. If I am honest, I will admit that I have an ego myself.
      I am inclined to agree with you, up to a point. There is a lot of he- said- I- said in this case , i.e. Gatesgate. There are two points I made that I stand by.
      The policeman had to make the call on the scene. Yes, he may have been a jerk, but for me to criticize him from the comfort of my work station is not appropriate.
      The second point is that BHO acted stupidly. He has focused a lot of attention on this case that did not need to be there. This is not the first nor the last mistake he will make as POTUS.

  3. jaclynfriedman said, on July 29, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    Here is my source on the 2-8% statistic. It is the first document on the list on this page:

    I won’t be bothering to respond to your other challenges here, as their weakness speaks for itself.

  4. chamblee54 said, on July 30, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    This is a letter I sent to Jaclyn Friedman.
    Thank you for your reply. While it was condescending, it was better than
    I note that my comment was deleted from your blog. As I said in my post,
    this is within your rights. However, it does take away from the diversity
    needed for a lively discussion.
    I looked over the report of the study. I see several issues
    1- This study deals with criminal reports. The Rothlisberger case is a civil
    2- The M.A.D. report is the only American report to be cited. The other
    reports are from English speaking countries.
    3- A lot of details are missing from the M.A.D. report description.
    4- The reports deal with an investigator determining whether or not the
    charge is false. I do not see any correlation between this judgement and any
    action in the courts.
    5- The article you showed me deals mainly with stereotypes about rape. The
    M.A.D. report is presented as evidence that false claims are fewer than many
    6- The .pdf is difficult to read. It has three columns to a page, and there
    is a lot of delicate scrolling involved. It is easy to hit the wrong button
    on page 6 and wind up back on page 2. Also, I am not a scholar or a
    professional. I cannot claim to understand a lot of this report.
    7- This is an important point that I am going to make again. The studies
    discussed in this article are reports made to the police. The complaint
    against Mr. Rothlisberger is a civil lawsuit.
    This does give me some material for more posts at my blog. Thank you for
    this material. In light of these concerns, I don’t think my other issues
    have “weakness that speaks for itself”.

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