The Beltway Wet Hike

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PG couldn’t decide whether to go on the beltway hike. The weather radar showed a lot of green and yellow moving into Atlanta. Finally, at 9am, he decided to take the plunge. When he called Angel to confirm the hike was going ahead, the sun came out.

PG got to the West End station first, but did not have to wait long. The other seven hikers arrived shortly. The first part of the walk was down West Whitehall Street. Native PG remembers when Whitehall went all the way to five points. The hike made a slight detour to see part of the beltline site. It is a kudzu study center at the moment.

The sixteen legs moved past Adair Park, and down Allene Street. This is where they first walked on railroad tracks. The story is that, while this is an active track, it only gets about one train a month. This is the same story as the walk a few weeks ago, where there were four trains to go by. The end of Allene Street was the first time anyone heard thunder. Unfriendly clouds appeared at the end of the horizon.

The first bridge was over Stewart Avenue Metropolitan Parkway. No one felt the need to go down to street level. As the crew moved down the tracks, a few drops of rain arrived. On the left appeared a large tract of unused land, waiting for development. In the distance was the overpass for i75-i85. Angel said ” we can take shelter under the freeway, and the bottom dropped out.

After taking a break under the freeway, the rain slacked off and the hike continued. They went over Pryor Street, on a vintage bridge. As they approached the tunnel under McDonough Boulevard, the rain was back. This tunnel was a joy to walk through, a high arch lined with bricks.

The good news is that the rain showers, though sometimes intense, did not last more than a few minutes. The tracks went by the site of Stanton Park, another project the future is waiting for. The rain returned again, and the hikers took shelter in an abandoned city warehouse.

After the clouds passed the third time, the sun came out. Before long, the problem was heat from the sun, compounded by soggy clothes. Going south of Grant Park, PG could see condos in the distance. Somewhere behind Girls High, the group got off of the tracks and moved onto the Glenwood Road Connector to cross i-20.

Passing through a development off Glenwood Road, the team stopped for a break at a coffee shop. Back on the path, there was one last stretch of old railroad land on the other side of Memorial Drive. Soon, this was impassible, and the crew walked around it on a side street. Angel showed where he had been attacked by bees while trying to clear some of the weedage.

By this time, PG was struggling. The heat and the long walk left him feeling ragged. To his delight, before long the Inman Park Marta Station appeared. The bench in the air conditioned train felt so good.






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