Masked Gunman At Large

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on August 3, 2009




PG has read a few internet reports about the shooting in Tel Aviv. It seems like a masked gunman went into a meeting hall while a group of GLBT youth were having a meeting. Two died, and more were injured. It seems like one of the fatalities, 17-year-old Liz Trubeshi, was a straight lady sitting in on the meeting. The other person to die was 20 yo Nir Katz.

Israel has had a reputation for tolerance. There are suggestions in the Israeli press that this may not be the case. The various political leaders have issued a ritual denunciation of the killings. There is also a report that the Heredi sector is concerned about being blamed.
“Under a facade of love, the abnormal community in Israel spreads hatred and blackballs the entire haredi sector.”
The Israeli Defense Force does allow homosexuals to serve. Armies drafting men, for likely combat duty, do not always accept sexual orientation as a valid excuse. Recent reports of undisciplined slaughter in Gaza do not mention the sexual orientation of the killers.

PG finds it curious that the gunman is at large three days later. Israel is a country at war, surrounded by hostile neighbors. Security and government intelligence are essential, and the government seems to be competent at it. Why is a masked man allowed to open fire on a group of young people, escape, and not be caught three days later? PG suspects that if the gunman was Arab, he would have been caught by now.

There are also thoughts about karma, about living by the sword, and dying by the sword. Israel has fought for its survival all of its life. A lot of its neighbors have died, so Israel can live. PG can’t help but wonder if there is a connection between the overall Arab-Israeli hatred, and the masked gunman. (As long as the shooter is at large, he is assumed to be male.)

Losing two young people is a small price, compared to the thousands who died in Gaza last December. We know what some would say to this…that those two people did not launch rockets into Israel. Guess what. 99% of the children killed in Gaza did not launch rockets into Israel either.




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