The BHO Health Care Proposal

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There is a lot of hot air about health care. It is an intensely personal subject. Almost everyone has a story to tell. Hidden agendas, payoffs, straw men, and misleading rhetoric are the order of the day. PG has decided to try and make a bit of sense out of the mess, and share this with his reader(s).

There was a google search, under the phrase “what is the health care proposal?”. PG found a pdf on the BHO website. It is not known when this pdf was written, or if other plan summaries are available. Also, it is not known how closely this summary corresponds to the bill before congress. PG tried to break down the BHO plan summary, with key parts set off in bold type(the ob health plan-c54 ).

There are three parts to the plan. The summary this is based on did not mention “death panels”, abortion, or illegal aliens. PG feels these are red herrings, designed to divert attention away from the plan. The current debate is a huckster’s paradise.

The first part of the plan involves lowering costs. There are three major parts to this. The first part is to modernize and digitize our health records. The second part is better maintenance of chronic disease. The third part is an overall reform of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

The second part of the plan calls for health insurance for all Americans. The two big steps here are the elimination of the pre existing conditions issue, and the establishment of the “National Health Insurance Exchange”. This part  is in trouble, and may be compromised away.

The third part of the plan is a call for prevention and public health. There are a few big brother like calls for “interventions”.

PG suspects there is a great deal more to the debate than this pdf, but that it is a good place to start. A 12 page pdf can only scratch the surface. The phrase “G-d is in the details” comes to mind.

Clearly, the system we have is not working for large numbers of people. The employer based insurance requirements are a leading factor in the outplacement of jobs overseas. While PG has a few doubts about what he read today, he does not see the talk radio crowd offering a better solution.




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  1. activecitizen54 said, on August 24, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Thanks for initiating a discussion of Universal Health Care here with the Obama health plan summary.
    The Health Care System in the USA is badly broken. Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and other highly educated health care professionals deserve payment for their services as do Hospitals and Clinics. The Pharmaceutical Companies, Insurance Companies and Government and Faith Based intervention have all fed this problem of inflation of health care costs being driven at twice the national average in health care. Health Care service providers are inflating the costs of care for everyone to pay for those among us who are unable to sustain the costs of catastrophic illness and a focus on wellness just doesn’t exist in the USA today.
    Americans deserve a single payer Nationalized Health Care System that allows us access to preventative medicine now. We are the only industrial western nation that is still depriving our population of health care and having or demanding the employer (often the small business person) to withstand the tremendous greed of Insurance Companies is not a solution.
    Stop the wars, including the war on drugs, and utilize these funds to support Universal Health Care.
    Demand value for the Tax dollars we all spend and bring the State Houses and Washington politicians into a position of accountability now. Universal Health Care is a government obligation for the well being of the nation.

  2. Aws said, on August 25, 2009 at 3:10 pm


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